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What the colour burgundy means in flowers

Published July 25th, 2012

Burgundy dedicated to Michel Jackson

Michael Jackson, the king of pop, has passed away. Burgundy colored flowers have been dedicated to his legend. He died of a heart attack at his LA home while eating pizza. Send a burgundy colored rose in honor of him: order here.


Be careful with darker shades of red. Oftentimes, a deep crimson—especially in a carnation or a rose—signifies mourning, as at a death. Burgundy, however, with its slightly purplish tone, suggests an unconscious sort of beauty. For the lover who underestimates herself, a burgundy bouquet provides a lush, contemplative color.

If you decide your lover would fall in love with a burgundy rose make sure you let her know the truth about her beauty. Not only is she underestimating herself, but doubt can slip in also. With these flowers it will take care of the doubt, and show what you truly believe.

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