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Simon Rau

Simon Rau



I'm a passionate photographer from Germany (near Frankfurt). I like all the different styles and themes in photography Contact me if you like: Sira4(AT)
  • Canon 5D2 and Sony RX100III
  • From 11-200mm and a macro lens
  • Strobist stuff, bag, tripod

500px "vs or and" flickr?

Published March 8th, 2011

Can't say I have much experience with both sites so far, but 500px looks so much better to me already. Well not only better than flickr but than most other sites for photography.

I always had problems to combine a community, a blog, a portfolio and a picture site to my liking. Until now. Flickr is pretty overloaded and not very pleasant for my eyes. Too white. :-)

And i don't had much time to make my own homepage as I would like it.

Finally it seems there is something thats just a perfect fit!

Question -> Do you have similar experiences/opinions or do you still like other sites and spread you web appearance?

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New here

Published March 6th, 2011

First days, first blogging post. :-)

Welcome to my site, I am a hobby photographer and try to find my style and my kind of interests in photography.

My first year I was all about lerning the basics and trying to look for the things i like. I tested from HDR to landscapes, ultra wide shots, wedding, people, til macro many things. In the end it will remain a hobby and thus I will probably shoot whatever I want. But I focused a bit on Outdoor People shots wheter AL or with my strobist stuff and landscapes as well as macro.

I do also some football shots for my local team from time to time for their stadium magazine.

So it looks like I will remain variable - but thats exactly what I love about photography, you can do so many many interesting things. Add Photoshop into the mix and you have yet another cool thing to play around with and be creative.

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask!


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