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simon peckham

simon peckham



Photographic images in some ways are like people. They have a character, personality and value. They need to be understood, they long to be loved, and in this increasingly crowded world, they will need to do something dramatic to be noticed. That's where you come in.... Most of my work is conducted on location and is taken "free style". I prefer to work this way with you, I work with you through out the shoot, reviewing some of the shots, discussing with you what you like the, the image at the time of the event will stand out from the crowed and you have been invoved in the process in finding that shot. From personal portraiture, fashion and glamour through business and commercial personal genres. I love to produce images that evoke an emotional response from either you during the creative process or the special people you share that image with be it on a personal level or via mass media.... its the image that stands out and YOU took part in creating it. If you have something special and creative you wish to produced or take part in then please make contact. Above all the wordy bits.... I just love taking pictures ... If you would like to create something you love, you made stand out from the crowd please make contact I would love to work with you.
  • Fuji X-E1
  • Fuji Finepix X100
  • Fujinon 18-55mm f/2.8-f/4
  • Fujinon 35mm f/1.4
  • Apple Quad Core 2.5gz 8Gb Ram 32" Apple Monitor
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple Mac Pro 13"

Fuji X-E1 RAW Aperture conversion

Published April 20th, 2013

Hi, came home and downloaded the update for Aperture RAW file conversions for Fuji X-Trans sensor. I was wondering when Apple would sort this out and finally it has arrived. Readers of my blog will know that to date I have not shot RAW and very much enjoy shooting my Fuji’s with jpeg. This is just a “look see” for me rather than I need to shoot RAW.

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Published February 8th, 2013

Looking at texture, colour,light and feeling creatively to make the viewer "feel" a bedroom and ready for bed.

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Selective colour

Published February 8th, 2013

Working with a client on a selective colour project. Pushing the limits with some of the shots. Not these particular examples but ones being used by the client push the dof boundaries to the max in selective colour.

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Control of the midday sun using speed-lights ! ...

Published August 17th, 2012

Just writing about my shoot for others to take from it what they like, I am semi-pro weekend warrior enjoying my photography, working the fabulous Ellie Powels for her growing fashion portfolio. Please feel free to comment on my methods and results.

I have had this abandoned factory shoot in mind for quite some time. Ellie and I had tried several times to set a date when the wonderful British weather has let us down. Finally we were blessed with a sunny day, but both of us could only shoot for a couple of hours and it had to be over the lunch time period.

This can lead to a number of problems when when working at this time of day and needing flash lighting. I nearly always use location based flash lighting for my model shoots, I have become proficient enough to really enjoy getting the most of set of batteries running hot in my SB600 and SB25.... they get a good hammering and this shoot what going to push this to the limit.

My shoots rely on me dropping the abient light a stop or t ...

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Sadness of change

Published February 27th, 2012

Times passed…… sad site (sight)

Posted on February 27, 2012

From time to time you can come across a scene that brings a little sadness, over the weekend such a scene was found not far from my home

Sad little garden house standing stoic as it watches over the battle of carnage being played out before it. Watching as the diggers moved in to distort the majestic trees and overgrown gardens surrounding its long life, visiting this scene was very strange I could almost feel the sadness of this once grand family home being raped for its earthly values by local developers. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a tree hugger type nut but I felt the need to document and write a little.

It all started on Friday of last week as driving home on the A10 from Cambridge to Ely the scene was apparent, this house and gardens had laid dormant to my eyes at least for the last 15 years. Sure the house and grounds have been there for a long long time and I had driven passed them every day to and from my day job, ...

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