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Published January 26th, 2013

The last week has been great, loads of snow, just what in my eyes winter is about, great to get about and photograph the highland cattle at work, they certainly looked in their element this last few weeks.

Now the rain is forecast to arrive and with it high winds, so back to the usual dreary winter weather now, roll on the next snowfall :)

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Wet Wet Wet

Published October 5th, 2012

I really have to wonder why I take holidays in the UK at times, all year we have been looking forward to our hard earned two week break in the Lake district and this year it has been the wettest ever !

The camera hardly ever came out, the dog was slowly turning into a fish or maybe a duck!

There wasnt a single day that it didnt rain, every morning I awoke to the sound of rain so no sunrises or sets for that matter !!!


Rant over :)

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Mojo Back

Published August 15th, 2012

Having not been able to find any joy or inspiration on my photography this year , its back, had a great morning this morning and have a few nice shots to post from it, so maybe it was just having some spare time? Something that has been lacking this year with work and family commitments!

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Long Summer

Published August 13th, 2012

Cant believe that the last time I updated this was February! , I guess that just shows where my photography has gone this year, straight into a brick wall :(

Having completed a Wedding recently where I was the photographer it dawned on me how little I had been out and about when people were asking .

Ive had no enthusiasm this year and cant seen to get motivated to get out with the camera at all until recently , I just hope now that I have found even the smallest amount of Mojo to get me through the Autumn, this should be my best time of year with sunrises and sunsets being more sociable.

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Winter at last

Published February 5th, 2012

At last winter has arrived last night, and we have now had what could be the only snowfall of the year for us in Norfolk. With the snow forecast I decided to sleep at work last night so that I could get some shots of the Highland Cattle in the morning in the snow.

Couldn't believe how cold it got during the night though, even my winter sleeping bag struggled to keep me warm...

First light and i was up and about to see that we had indeed had some of the white stuff, about three inches, so quickly got dressed proper and out with the camera to grab some shots of the girls before heading home to get in the warm!

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Week 3

Published January 22nd, 2012

Its been an eventful week really, managed to get my Christmas cold back it seems, sneezing and hacking away again!

Works been manic, now on my own for a while there until I can get a replacement for the guy i worked with, so now working 7 days a week making it very tough to get out with the camera, let alone get very enthusiastic about it.

I decided to nuke my Facebook and twitter accounts this week as well and to keep out of the forum on P4, why is there so many moaners and groaners about:)))

Next week looks to be even busier than this week , so might end up with a dog picture for next week, that or a picture of my feet :)

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Week 2

Published January 11th, 2012

Its only the start of the year and yet I'm already struggling to get out with the camera as work is going mad at the moment. I booked a days holiday today though and made the effort to get my bum up the coast first thing before having to do all the usual life gets in the way jobs like washing cars and bikes walking dogs picking up parcels , yada yada yada.

Today i crawled up to Caister as the sun this time of year is right around the coast for sunrise, about a 40 min drive for me, but found a new spot up there so well worth it...

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Last minute dash

Published January 2nd, 2012

Typical, back to work now today and we have great weather!

still , got home and grabbed the camera and quickly charged down some country lanes looking for some nice winter trees to frame the setting sun, no clouds tonight which was a shame, but found some nice trees:)

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Back to the future

Published January 1st, 2012

with more weddings coming up this year i decided to have a look back on one that I did last year and share a few pictures from the day...

A very busy day starting early and finishing late, completely exhausted by the end of it but great fun, and a lovely couple to boot :)

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Published January 1st, 2012

Must get in the habit of keeping up to date with the photography Blog this year so hear goes, after the alarm went off at 7am, the weather looked pretty fair to put it at its best, but as I was up I decided to head down to the local beach (Cart Gap) to see if the weather improved over the 20 minutes it would take me to get there.

No joy, but still fun to be out at sunrise on the first day of the year at the beach with the camera, certainly made me think a bit as the sunrise wasn't playing ball.

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End of the Year

Published December 31st, 2011

Another year slips by, so very quickly too!

Its been such a busy year at work and with doing weddings and portrait shoots i havnt had much time to focus on landscapes let alone any wildlife!

I rushed out to Cromer today to get some pictures as I havnt been out in a while so wanted some from the last day.

Next year i need to make more time for me to get out and about photographing things that I want to do:)

Thanks to everyone thats made it a busy and special year, you all know who you are xx

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Reflecting on 2011

Published December 18th, 2011

Its been a strange old year really, all my time seems to have been used up with very little to show for it.

I guess I need to now set some goals for next year just for me, quite fancy touring around Great Britain on the Bike, so will plan that over a couple of weeks in the summer, think I will mainly target the coast though:)

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Seaward Bound

Published December 8th, 2011

Day off today and blowing a gale here in Norfolk, once up and about took Harry and Jack for a walk along the beach as i didn't rate our chances in the woods today!

When we arrived we had the beach to ourselves which is the great thing about winter i suppose, the tide being mostly out the boys certainly enjoyed themselves and I managed to have a bit of fun with the camera too before scurrying home to get out the the wind

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Winters here

Published December 5th, 2011

Freezing cold here today, such a shock after the record mild autumn we have had too!

I popped over to Hickling after work in order to have another go at some Norfolk Broad shots, but a biting wind blasting across the broad didn't exactly inspire me to stay very long, so with nothing in the bag headed home to a nice warm fire.

Took today's picture of Billy looking out at everyone wrapped up in hats and scarfs walking by...

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5 degrees and falling

Published December 4th, 2011

da-da-da-dum da-da-da-dum da-da-da-dum followed by a soft crunch at 6am as i just knocked the alarm clock off the bedside table, i could here the rain lashing against the bedroom window as well, so no sunrise shoot for me this morning.

The dogs had heard the alarm clock going off though so I had to get up and sort them out, plus now I was awake a mug of tea and some biscuits wouldn't go amiss either:)

We then (or Harry) decided it would be good to go down the beach this morning for a walk eh dad, so with Harry and Jack loaded in the car we headed off for a walk and maybe a few pics too, as we drove up the coast the car was showing a chilly 5 degrees outside, so glad i had stuck a warm coat on before leaving.

Cart Gap beach in Norfolk at the moment is my favourite beach, close to home, and usually you get a picture or two down there, so everyone is happy.

As i said yesterday the 50mm would be on all this month, so as it was cloudy this left me just shooting the boys playing about on ...

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New Lens - New Enthusiasm

Published December 3rd, 2011

Decided on getting a 50mm prime recently , and ended up buying the Sigma 1.4 , really pleased today with the first shots taken of the dogs this afternoon.

Decided that from now until Christmas this lens will be the only one I use on shoots to try and make me think a bit again about composition....

If the weather is ok in the morning might head out for a sunrise with it to see how it gets on with that, after that , well must be more dog shots really:)

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Sunset meet

Published October 25th, 2011

Had a great meet up the other night with some fellow photo geeks at Hunstanton, having done the sunrise earlier in the day seeing the sun go down felt rather satisfying :)

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End of the Summer

Published September 4th, 2011

The end of the summer now and with Autumn just round the corner a much more exiting time photographically for me , this image was taken down at Cromer Pier on the last day of summer, lots of holiday makers still about on a wonderful warm evening.

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An Early start

Published August 28th, 2011

Just got back from a dawn shoot at Cromer with a fellow Norfolk Photographer, nice to get about at silly o clock once more and the nice thing about it now that Autumn is on its way is that it will only get easier each morning now:)

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Image Theft

Published July 23rd, 2011

This person on Facebook is stealing images off this site

I have issued DCMA notice to Facebook as have several others on here already

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Long Faces

Published July 21st, 2011

Took myself off to Cart Gap in Norfolk as we had some moody skies to experiment with the 10 stop filter, forgetting to take my remote which was a shame as i wanted to combine it with my lee filters to get some exposures running into minutes.

Think I might have broken it ! had to give it some welly to get the filter off the lens when I finished and now the glass spins freely in the mount, will have to use it again to see if it still works:(

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Dawn Raider

Published July 20th, 2011

Had a great start to the day , getting up at 3:30am for a dawn shoot at Cromer Beach on the North Norfolk coast.

Always great to have the entire beach to yourself :)

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