End of the Year

Published December 31st, 2011

Another year slips by, so very quickly too!

Its been such a busy year at work and with doing weddings and portrait shoots i havnt had much time to focus on landscapes let alone any wildlife!

I rushed out to Cromer today to get some pictures as I havnt been out in a while so wanted some from the last day.

Next year i need to make more time for me to get out and about photographing things that I want to do:)

Thanks to everyone thats made it a busy and special year, you all know who you are xx

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Awesome Account
Simon Wrigglesworth  almost 4 years ago
:) and a safe and Happy New Year to you, Andrew and Dave xx
Sarah Brighten (inactive)  almost 4 years ago
its ok Si, i'm a good person to know ;) lol, wishing you, Julie and the hounds all the best for 2012 :):) x x