Mamhead Obelisk

Published April 27th, 2013

Probably one of the best days so far in 2013, and we decided to take Lucy out on her bike so that we could experience Mamhead Obelisk, or rather the view from up there.

It's amazing, it truly is - although is was very hazy when we were there so not the best photographic situation.

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Making my photo

Published November 6th, 2012

This is the thought process to how I made my image, Autumn Watch

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Stover Park

Published February 25th, 2012

A local reserve, a few miles from our home, is Stover Park.

Decided to take Lucy there for some bug hunting, managed to find a millipede but not much more.

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Writer's Block

Published August 29th, 2011

A friend and I responded to an advert calling for Photographers to help document a new theatre production by Writer's Block.

Taken from their Facebook Page - "Writer’s Block – Theatre to Inspire; aims to inspire, captivate and transport audiences combining naturalistic performances with more abstract art forms."

The production will be of Wuthering Heights and although will be in period dress, the interpretation seems to be a little more contemporary. We have been tasked with the concept of documenting the process, from auditions right through first curtain.

It will be set in a church, in February 2011, with amazingly LOW light levels, lit almost by candle light and lanterns - a photographers nightmare :D yet also a huge challenge.

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Eden Project

Published August 19th, 2011

Took a family day trip to The Eden Project, in Cornwall UK

Just something captivating about this project, possible THE most well executed National Lottery funding ever.

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Writers block

Published August 4th, 2011

I'm having some serious writers block at the moment with my photography. I think I just need to get back out there and start doing it again. At the moment, I seem to be confined to wandering around my garden with a macro lens.

Macro lenses are like guitars - easy to learn but hard to master and although almost anything shot with a 1:1 ratio looks amazing, getting that "stunning" image takes much practice,

I am thinking about shooting in manual mode more often at the moment. Although I love Aperture Priority, some times being in a constant manual mode seems to give more consistent results. Obviously, you cannot beat the adaptableness of AP mode, especially in ever changing situations, but the few times I've played with Manual exposure once you have the numbers locked in, you're away.

Maybe at this junction I should reveal that I've had a few glasses of wine, and when I drunk blog I go on and on and on ... so I'm gonna end it RIGHT NOW!!

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Simple conversion to mono

Published July 22nd, 2011

Spent 30 minutes out in the garden today snapping with my Macro lens.

You have admire the Macro lens. On one hand it's hard to take a bad photo as tiny detail viewed large just looks cool. On the other hand, getting a really great Epic macro shot is kinda tricky.

I snapped one of the bushes in garden, almost without thinking it would even make a shot, but when I did a random convert to Black and White, I really liked it.

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Finally gone Awesome

Published July 22nd, 2011

I've had an account on 500px for some time now. Back when I first joined, there were not that many nonRussian account holders, although there were still plenty of amazing Photographs on the site to drool over.

Over the past few months, momentum for 500px seems to have grown. Even more so since high profile users, like those guys from KelbyTraining and StuckInCustoms, have started to populate and promote the service.

Now that you get comments and feedback that is actually readable, I decided to take the plunge and go Awesome.

Infact, I will be swapping my domain in and dropping my hosted GoDaddy Wordpress site in exchange for the annual fee. You get a blogging aspect on 500px, that will work for me, plus the gorgeous portfolio that is iPad compatible.

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Published February 14th, 2011

Just joined 500px

I love the fresh feel of the site - hope to use and abuse it :D

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