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Remembrance Day 2012

Published November 11th, 2012

I'm always moved by Remembrance day, the day where we remember those loved ones and friends who have fought in the conflicts around the world.

For me, personally, my grand parents fought through the second world war and more distance relatives have their names etched into the war memorial in our town centre because they never returned from conflicts in which they took part.

I find myself looking around at the younger people who now seem to turn up to commemorate the day and wonder what their story is and what their connection is with the day, and whether they have lost loved ones in the more recent conflicts that we have experienced.

I'm grateful that for now, they only people I need to think of are a distant memory and not some fresh in my mind.

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home town street photography

Published August 6th, 2012

Fighting the temptation to sit in front on the TV and watch the olympics has been surprisingly difficult - especially the fact that Team GB have been performing so well.

I love street photography but photographing your ho,e town can be difficult, you've seen the same streets time and time again and sometime cannot see the photos as they are so familiar. And sometime you photograph the scenes that do not necessarily portray your home in the best light. But street photography is meant to be real, its how it looks, yes change the images to black and white thats about all.

I plan to do this more and more and will add to what I already have.

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