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Patience and the Green Heron

Published August 25th, 2011

I had never captured a great picture of a Green Heron in flight. I had good pictures of Green Herons just standing around. And I know a spot where they occasionally fly by, but I had never gotten the shot.

I've talked about my lack of patience in the I Hate Tripods post And it's this lack of patience that had prevented me from getting the shot I so desired.

Well, this time I was determined!

I decided I would dedicate an entire day to it if necessary. So I grabbed my gear, drove to the lake, walked to the location, set up my tripod, and I waited.

Now, when it comes to standing around waiting, I'm not very good at it.

I'm like the child playing outfield during a practice T-ball game.

Spin around looking at the sky.

Put my glove on my head.

Look at the flowers.

Try to find a four leaf clover.

Chase a bug.

And maybe a little song and dance....

But this was serious! And I was serious, so I was good.

I stayed focused. I didn't chase any bugs. I didn't do anything but wait for the heron to fly by.

After about an hour I kind of broke down a little......

but it was just a little dance.

And I stayed on post ALL DAMN DAY!

Then, after about 3 hours, my cell phone rang. Thank god, a distraction! Besides, you can't ignore the cell phone if you are supposed to be doing something else...

"Hi honey. Yes, I'll be home for dinner on time. I'll be leaving the office at the normal time."

And right then the Green Heron flew by. A beautiful specimen, at a good range, nice and slow with great lighting.....

And I was like the child playing outfield chasing a bug. Completely unprepared when the ball came to me.

I jumped, I fumbled around, and I completely missed the shot......

So I waited the rest of the entire damn day. And after an hour or so I went home for dinner.





Maybe I'll try again some day. But for now, still no great picture of a Green Heron in flight.



Green Heron goes here.

  • August 3rd, 2011
  • Canon PowerShot G10
  • 30.5mm / f/4.5 / 1/800 sec


Green Heron just standing around

  • April 22nd, 2010
  • Nikon D3
  • 650mm / f/8 / 1/2000 sec

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Steven Kersting  almost 7 years ago

There's worse things one could be doing!

Denise Panyik-Dale  almost 7 years ago

But it looks like you had a very nice day to hang out. ;-)

Steven Kersting  almost 7 years ago

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

Mark Longo  almost 7 years ago

This is like an experience I have had staring at a spot on a rug for a few hours trying to meditate. Some of us just don't seem to be wired that way (which means me)! I think to do it you have to be like a cat owned by a friend of mine that could stare motionlessly at a mouse hole for 6 hours, then when the mouse finally emerges, snatch it like lightning. It requires the mind to become like a video camera left on in an empty room for several hours, tracking everything in the picture and thinking nothing. As I said, some of us aren't wired that way.

Thanks for posting this lengthy and clever post. I enjoyed it!