Mourning for my Mistress

Published August 3rd, 2011

She's gone.
She died. Actually, she didn't just die...
I killed her.

It wasn't intentional. I didn't mean to do it.
It was an accidental drowning.....
And I got away clean.

No police inquiry, no trial, no lawyers, no judge or jury. Just a few questions from the insurance agency.

I feel a little guilty about that.

I still have the other one. You know, "the backup". But she's just not as high class as my mistress was. In comparison she's kind of trashy and cheap. She's been tossed around and beaten up. Not really given the care or attention she deserves.

She just hangs on the sideline waiting for her chance. Always there. Always ready to please.
She's a fine camera, but it's just not the same with her.

And really, my mistress was banged up and ugly too.

But you know, when "it's right" those things don't really matter.
I'll miss her.

Open box viewing.



open box viewing of my mistress

  • August 2nd, 2011
  • Canon PowerShot G10
  • 6.1mm / f/2.8 / 1/125 sec

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