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Nick Skinner

Nick Skinner



Hello and welcome! If you’re reading this it’s because you want to know a little bit about this photographer. My name is Nick Skinner. I became interested in photography as a hobby whilst completing my chefs apprenticeship. It was never anything serious. I started with a cheap, run of the mill, Sony digital camera and I would experiment with basic editing software in my spare time for fun. When I finished my apprenticeship (hurrah!) and became a qualified chef, I devoted a little more time and energy to my budding interest. The result was a Canon 5D MK II to replace my battered and bruised Sony. I still have it (and I’m still a chef too!). The results were immediate. I was hooked. The clarity, color and depth of field were things I had never been able to manipulate before. The varied images and shots I could capture were without number and I rapidly started learning what I could do with my new-found toy. I was like a kid in a candy shop! I was spurred on even further as friends, family and co-workers started to take notice of what I was producing. I was happy with my work but seeing the way it effected those around me was as shocking as it was flattering. I was really able to evoke emotion with a single image! With a fresh wave of encouragement behind me, I devoted more and more time to studying my craft and exploring Victorias Mornington Peninsula (where I live) for possible shoots. With a few new lenses and filters I continued to hone my skills whilst expanding my knowledge base. Slowly, a unique style started to manifest itself from my work……and it hasn’t stopped. I am still learning as you read this and I hope it never stops. Vincent Versace once said, “You can capture motion with stillness and, in that moment, hold time still, yet experience the feeling of its passing.” I try to embody the spirit of his words with every shot I take. I believe his philosophy loans itself well to landscapes and seascapes and that’s what I primarily shoot. However I do enjoy portraiture and you can find some of my work on the Facebook page linked at the top of this page. I hope that one day my hobby will allow me to travel beyond the beaches of the Peninsula and enable me to shoot around Australia and (heaven forbid) around the globe. But until that day comes, you’ll find me in the kitchen or at one of the many scenic foreshores in and around Mornington on my quest for that perfect shot. Thanks for reading my bio. Happy trails to you and your own.
  • Canon 5D MK II
  • Canon 17-40 L F/4.0
  • Manfrotto 190X PROB Legs, Manfrotto 496RC2 Head
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