Why I Am

Published September 5th, 2011

Im just a writer without words, I only have the pictures. Painting with the light around me.

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Abe on the left from that 1st race at Road Atlanta. This was taking by his mom while loading up after a long hot awesome weekend.

What's in a Name

Published July 26th, 2011

Well it's obvious that most photographers use their own name as their business. Well, I didn't want to be just another _______ photography. Actually there is more to it than that. In early 2010 I was asked to come to a race with some friends that had a sport bike race team. I had been hanging out there for months on occasion after a good word from a long time friend that was part of the team. I ask what I need and when they are leaving and the excitement begins. I had never been to a pro AMA race and I was going to be in the pits with a team shirt on. The weekend turned out to be awesome even though we didn't finish up front. Over the coming months I attended other races and became the media guy for the team. We took a long road trip from the east coast to Utah for a race weekend. Now for people who don't know, race tracks often have different types of tracks in one location. It's kind of a bonus to be able to go ride racing level go-carts after a weekend of work at the races. ...

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