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Published November 28th, 2011

I've added dozens of brand new images from recent journey's and am offering $25 Off on all orders for a very limited time! Can be used multiple times, but is only applied once per order.

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Welcome to the Jungle

Published August 26th, 2011

Merida was definitely a great stop on the trip so far. I suppose the fact I found a cheap but excellent place to stay helped. And, it was nice to be in a place that I didn't feel awkward. Not only did the place just feel right, the manager was really nice and helpful. He seemed so concerned that my hammock hanging wasn't in the most comfortable level and offered to let me move to a larger room that also had hammock hooks without having to pay a higher rate.

I also felt more at home in that city. Not so much like an outsider when I'd interact with the locals. It just felt like I was treated like another human being who happened to be from another county.

Campeche was another story. I had all sorts of problems looking for a room near the bus station since I didn't think I'd be there for more than a night anyway. I still don't know why the hotels by the bus station seem to be set up for hourly rates and prostitution. Who takes on a hooker at a bus station? Oh wait a minute, they must b ...

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No Rest for the Weary!

Published August 22nd, 2011

Haven't even wrapped up my current Mexico Summer 2011 blog and am already packing up again. This time heading back to D.C. and then to NYC!

Travel blogging it HERE

Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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Published August 21st, 2011

Been traveling in Mexico but home now and trying to figure out Google+

Here's mine HERE

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Transported from Quemado

Published August 21st, 2011

It was going different this particular time. I was more sick in the stomach and the pain lasted nearly two hours.

Near the peace sign I've been building out of stone since 2009, about 30 meters away is another primitive design of a five-pointed star that is much older and of unknown origin. It too is in stone and was really bothering and irritating me for some unknown reason. Perhaps because it looked like a pentagram? Or perhaps the peyote sickness was just warping my imagination.

I had been somewhat ill off and on for the previous three weeks or so and just asked Mescalito to heal me during this ceremonial session. Perhaps this healing is why I was feeling extra sick this time. There's a good reason why the indigenous call this plant "medicine". Sometimes healing hurts a bit I've found.

Another very strange effect this time was very intense yawning. That simply does not happen with this plant, at least for me it hasn't in the last 17 years I've imbibed it. Something was definitely ...

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Published August 21st, 2011

"Ay Cabron!, just who do you think you are? You think you're something special?!"

"No. Nothing special at all. Just using the marginal skills the great spirit gave me & trying to lift myself out of the cauldron of fear the most powerful have brewed for the masses. Trying to refocus away from the dark recesses that keep a soul in prison and point my lens at the utterly amazing details around all of us all the time. And, draw attention to the fact we're all alive right now this eternal moment and attempt to cast away the black shroud that imprisons us all."

"Uh, if you say so Cabron. You getting on the bus or not?"

Trip Blog HERE

Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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Pulled the trigger and heading back to Mexico!

Published June 19th, 2011


Well, now the deed is done. No more apprehension and playin' it safe. Really can't afford it, but I've purchased a ticket for next Saturday to the furthest airport from Austin in Mexico, ie. Cancun. That's not really my destination, but I'll likely stay in a cheap hotel near the bus station and at least take the ferry over to Isla Mujeres for a day. After that, might go to Merida. Though, I have absolutely no plan at all. Just making it up on the fly.

Have decided to go light this time as well. Only taking an iPhone 4 for shooting & editing and a small Olympus XZ-1 compact camera for better resolution stuff.

I've learned to be fairly content without having to move all the time, but there's just something about traveling that gets me to a different level of awareness. Likely due to the fact that when you're traveling, you're paying much closer attention to all the little details you tend to filter out when you're at home in familiar surroundings. That heighte ...

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One Fine Day

Published June 16th, 2011


My last day in Cape Town was just picture perfect, and one of those completely pleasant days you get to experience every once in a blue moon. One of those days where everything just goes right and it makes all the usual travel hassles seem worthwhile.

It started with a delightful walk through the Company's Gardens, and because there was a film crew shooting there (evidently the police had cleared out all the junkies and glue sniffers) I was able to walk completely undisturbed. As a matter of fact, I don't think I was approached for money for the entire day from start to finish.

I saw piles of pigeons laying is the lawns, each with one wing up in the air. At first I thought it looked peculiar... as if they were all dead. Then, after watching them a few minutes, I noticed they were all just chilling out on the soft wet grass in the sun. When the lawn sprinkler passed by, they'd all lift one wing up in the air in order to get a nice cool blast of water under their w ...

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Published June 14th, 2011


(This is a blog posting I made while wandering around Mexico on a motorcycle in 2009. This one was from Tepoztlan, Mexico and mentions some strangeness I experienced involving a sort of perpetual deja-vu like sensation. The experience still haunts me and am considering a return.)

I was not looking forward to the ride back out of Mexico City. The time had come to suck it up and focus on making the move to Tepoztlan. I was so tense and incredibly nervous as I headed out from Hotel Republica and toward the Zocalo on already crowded streets.

Happily, my apprehension was unfounded and after I made it a few blocks to the othe side of the main Zocalo plaza it was an absolute cake walk! I think it was a little more than 25 minutes before I was completely out of the city and on a beautiful toll road winding through the mountains as my motor purred along with the soft cool wind.

That ride was so delightful with big sweeping curves and perfect temperatur ...

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500px vs Flickr

Published June 10th, 2011

I don't get why anyone is saying this is better than Flickr. I suppose it has to do with how you use each site. Flickr has so much more integration with so many more platforms. For the price and amount of useful features you get with Flickr... for the price, I think they can't be beat.

500px is interesting so far. Not quite sure what I think about it. Sort of feels like a giant photographers club. I don't usually hang out with typical photographers and don't really care about conversations that have to do with how many megapixels their camera has or how much their lenses cost. Or, what new HDR technique they're trying out. Don't get me started on HDR. Talk about overdone!

So far, although I think 500px is far too overrun with girly photos, insect macros, over-processed landscapes and cliche fashion shots, I think it's worth keeping an eye on.

I like that 500px seems to be evolving and shifting to keep the focus on photography, but the audience here seems to be mostly if not only ph ...

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Published June 8th, 2011

The idea of cellular memory makes me wonder if ALL cells hold some sort of memory. And perhaps an entire place can hold memory and or some sort of data?

I've wondered this for a good while because of some experiences I've had from ingesting plants that gave me information that I have no clue where it came from. So obscure, yet accurate but with no evidence of how it had previous been learned. Did I ingest memory? Or was I just tuned into it briefly?

Rest of Daily Grind Blog Post HERE

Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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Paralyzed with Indecision & Fear

Published June 8th, 2011

Once again, paralyzed with fear and indecision. Don't want to stay put rusting and it's known that travel creates a crisp awareness. But the fear is strong. It slithers up and asks in an acidic whisper, "Are you a fool?" "What will you do for money?" "Why can't you grow up and settle in?" "Why don't you just give up already?" "Do you really think anyone is interested in anything you have to show or say?" "What makes you think anyone wants what you have to share?" "Haven't you seen in the news how dangerous the world is lately?" "Do you really want to chance it?"

Rest of Daily Grind Blog Post HERE

Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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Published June 2nd, 2011

Seems travel makes it easier for me. Something about being in an unfamiliar place makes you so much more aware of the details. Seems like very quickly, familiarity can filter out all the good stuff if you let it.

Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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D.C. November 2011

Published June 1st, 2011

(Post from a trip to see my work in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. during November 2010 ~ All Made with iPhone 4)

Where in my imagination are these images of such a crisp and clear Fall day being part of a sinister event at thus lovely old courthouse in Leesburg, VA? A film? Or, is there some memory here you can tap in to?

Entire trip blog HERE

Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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"Like/Dislike" System @ 500px

Published May 31st, 2011

Only been here a few days and I was excited to see this "Like/Dislike" system at first. Seems it would be a great way to evaluate which images to include in a show, a portfolio presentation, a new client, etc.

However, based on a very short observation of the "popular" images it feels like the "Like/Dislike" system is being used by mostly other photographers and not a general viewing audience so much. This is good information if you're wanting to impress other photographers, but not so useful if refining the images you present for general audience appreciation is your goal.

I've also noticed that just as soon as a few images start ranking higher, it seems someone comes through and "dislikes" them in short order. Is this some sort of attempt to game the ranking system?

In any case, I do very much like the general layout and function of this site... I'm just not sure what to make of these ranking results. It doesn't bother me so much either way, but I'm trying to figure out what k ...

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First Impressions of 500px

Published May 28th, 2011

Hmmm... can't decide what I think of this place. I really like the layout and concept, but it seems like it's mostly just other photographers and the same sorts of images that are popular among "shutterbugs" on other photographer-centric sites are the same general styles that are popular here, ie. HDR landscapes, FX shots, cute cats/dogs, birds, insect/flower macros, and TONS of sexy girl shots.

Might be nice to have some sort of random view experience as well, instead of just what's already been voted on as "popular" or otherwise curated by the editors. That would at least put everyone on a level playing field based purely on chance. Just a thought. :-)

Seems that if you come to 500px already with a large fan base in tow, you're at a great advantage over someone with equal if not better work, but without the large built-in audience, ie. if you're a photographer who has adequate work but you happen to be GREAT at marketing and social-networking, your work has a much better chance of ...

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Published May 27th, 2011

(Post from a motorcycle trip from Austin, Texas to the West Coast in 2010)

Made it from Austin to Albuquerque in one piece! Holed up in a Rodeway Inn recharging my batteries etc. and getting my images and journaling done. I spent most of the day putting together my first short-form printed magazine that you can order and have delivered or you can buy a pdf document to download/print on your own computer. I'll put order links at the end of this post. These are longer versions, but first here's some excerpts and a photo gallery with some of my favorites.

Having no plan at all is only partially liberating. When you have no plan at all, you tend to think about what you’re going to do next all the time, i.e. should I turn here? Or stop there? With a plan it’s easier to let your mind wander a bit because you’ve already carved out what you’re going to do. On the other hand, not having a plan forces you to be in the moment even more because your mind can’t just sit back on auto-pilot. You’ ...

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Published May 27th, 2011

(Post made while motorcycling around Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi in March 2011)

Fausse State Park is litterally located smack dab on top of a levee in the middle of freakin' nowhere, bayou-country, southern Louisiana. The mosquitos are relentless, the shack yards are a beautifull mess and full of rusting welding gear, smokers, and crawfish boiling pots. If I was going to find myself some real Cajun food, this was going to be it.

The park itself is very lovely even after the sun sets and the skeeters are on patrol. You get to the park in a very confusing winding in and around various waterways, farms and levees. Eventually, you find the park, get your campsite, and then discover there isn't anywhere to get anything to eat for about 24 miles or so in any direction. I was told a place called "Pat's" was a Cajun seafood place where you could get just about anything you wanted including gator, rabbit and possibly opossum. I'll pass on the opossum, but it sounded like I'd found Cajun cu ...

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Published May 26th, 2011

(Post made while traveling in Mexico 2009)

After a splendid evening and a very bizarre reality-bending sleep, I spent the following day mostly lazing about and or napping in my hammock.

After a couple days of rain storms that produced the most amazing cloud patterns and sweet siestas as well, we both decided we’d chilled enough and had better get back out into the desert instead of waiting for perfect weather.

Simon wanted to hike up the mountain toward some abandoned mines, even though I told him it was rumored uranium and plutonium were once mined there, and that there might be a bit of radioactivity. There are all sorts of rumors and legends in this desert including many U.F.O sightings and witches floating about the mountains carrying light with them and turning into owls and chickens. Throw in all the Huichole Indian beliefs of sacred blue deer and the beliefs that peyote was born in this desert from meteorites… And well, you get the picture. No telling what the truth is. Or, p ...

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Published May 25th, 2011

(Post from Mexico trip 2011)

Woke up early one morning and wondered in the darkness why I'm doing any of this. Why make images at all? Why write any of this down? Why care?

At first, it was easy to just claim it's just some artistic compulsion, or something mysterious I'd never know. But this time I decided to dig deeper. Why does it matter if I make images that give me pleasure or hopefully others a bit of pleasure as well?

What does it mean if someone other than myself approves of something I create? If they are giving me money that translates in a bit more freedom to move about, then that's one reason of course. But, I feel there's some other reason I'm doing this. Is it to document the experience to share with someone else? If so, who am I to think my experience is of any more interest than the reader's own experience?

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Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas ~ +

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