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Barrister. Photographer. Writer. Traveler. Cheeky Feminist. A barrister who is on vacation from law, hell bent on going to a road less traveled by becoming a photographer but cannot and would not forget the stirrings of a writer's soul. Too restless to not be the traveler she ought to be and a cheeky feminist ahead of her time. The St. M.A.C. watermark initials stands for my whole name but you can call me STEPHANIE or MAC.

The Fiesta of Señor Santo Niño

Published January 5th, 2012

The Fiesta of Señor Santo Niño is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January but it is hardly a one day affair. In honor of the Child Jesus, a flurry of activities are all planned months ahead. The highlights are the 9 day Novena Mass which ends the day before the 3rd Sunday and even before that, a procession is made around the city with specific routes; the walk with Mary and Jesus before the start of the novena mass, the fireworks display after the Saturday mass,a succession of mass on the 3rd Sunday, the Sinulog festival which starts in the morning of the 3rd Sunday as evidenced by the street dancing of every Sinulog contenders, with all the colorful costumes and giant floats, the presentation in the Abellana Complex (as this is a contest) of these contenders and it ends with a fireworks display not only in Abellana but also in Ayala and in any other places in Cebu City.

To those of us who have been involved with the novena masses, processions or the 3rd Sunday activities, you can alwa ...

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A Much Needed Distraction

Published December 15th, 2011

The past few days have been dismal at best. No matter how many times I tried doing something to forget a certain episode, my forlorn mind would not cooperate; even writing it down just doesn't cut it.

So I decided to step outside, took Nikon with me and enjoyed some sunshine and went to a place where I have planned to shoot pictures for quite a while now.

It was The Family Park in Talamban.

I called up a friend of mine whose cheerful disposition may also help me forget and she also immediately agreed to be my subject in the shoot.

A little bit of climb, an exposure to some nature trail, breathing some fresh air, admiring a lot of trees here and there, taking pictures along the way - the unfortunate episode pushed further into my mind, I suddenly find myself grinning.

I realized that nature always has a way of making me thankful for what I have and to not dwell on the things I am not meant to have. And not surprisingly, taking landscape pictures does the trick too.

I am indeed b ...

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One Lazy Afternoon

Published December 10th, 2011

It has been raining in my city for a week and I was wondering when would I ever had a chance to shoot pictures without the rain drenching me or my equipment. After all, I have no assistant with me when I shoot and I certainly cannot drag any of my friends because they are all busy, but what I actually needed was just for the torrential rain to stop.

And it did, finally. Well, at least, even for a day.

I have set my mind to have a photo shoot at the South Road Properties because it has endless landscapes, calming seas and cool comforting breeze, just my kind of landscape! I took 2 jeepney rides (a public transport here in the Philippines), dropped at Mambaling and waited for a cab to set out to Kawit point.

God must have been smiling at me. Universe, you are just so kind. There were no people around Kawit Point so I could blissfully take pictures without anyone obscuring my lenses. And because I am such a fan of panoramic shots, I decided to upload here the landscape that greeted my ...

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