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Mihai Ilie

Mihai Ilie



I am Mihai Ilie and the photographic camera has been and still is my great partner for the last 20 years, since a dear family member acquainted us. We’ve grown together and never missed a good shot, no matter the place, the gathering, the hour or the season. As I am a perfectionist (by the way, licensed in aeronautical engineering), none of the takes is random; they have a meaning, a story and lots of emotions behind. During these years I’ve invested time to study and grow this partnership, and I succeeded to channel my passion towards a professional level. My style, photojournalism, gave birth to two projects: Imagenia and Două Poteci. I’ve launched Imagenia last year with a special purpose, of which details you may find on www.imagenia.ro . Concluding, I do today: Weddings and Christenings Portraits Street Photography Documenting places and events in Romania and abroad Of course, I am willing to share my experience and knowledge to anyone interested in evolving in photography and this will be announced on www.douapoteci.ro If you want me to photograph you or any special event, I will be happy to do it. Contact me.
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