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Michael Schreiner

Michael Schreiner



my passion for photography… started early, I remember as a child sitting on top the dryer, as my Father, a Doctor… printed his own B/W prints… in the laundry room, in the basement… playing with the tongs, setting the dial on the timer… it was my job to move the prints from tray to tray, when the timer buzzed… I remember my Father telling me… "watch the magic…" as the image would slowly appear in the developer, then seeing myself in the tray, with my brother and sister… I always knew he had magical powers… I am very observant… so photography is a natural extension… I am curious by nature, always seeking more details… in photo school I studied light… I began to learn and understand, the power of light and how it moves and shapes everything around us… I worked for 22+ years in a professional photo lab… a darkroom magician… worked along with, and for, some of the most talented artists in the NW… after years of exposing, developing then printing film in every format… I now capture the images I see, with a hand-held, mobile scanning device… it converts what I see into a bunch of "X's" and "0's" on this little card that plugs into my computer… Yes, my friends it still very magical… just a different type of magic now… I hope you enjoy what I have observed… with the true power of photography… you can see part of my world, through my eyes… comments are always welcomed and encouraged...

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