Assorted Signs of Summer

Published July 27th, 2012

A small selection of bugs that we generally only see during the summer months.

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Published June 18th, 2012

A small selection of Diptera and Hymenoptera. I'm fairly certain my identifications are all correct this time.

Thanks for looking.

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Insects and Crustaceans

Published June 7th, 2012

Another insect post. Happy to be corrected on the identification front, as always.

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Insect Blog Post No. 3

Published May 28th, 2012

I'm pretty pleased that dragon and damselfly season has arrived. They make fantastically photogenic subjects, if you can catch them at the right time. Early morning or early evening is best, when it's cooler, and they're less active. The photos I got at the bottom of the page were taken mid-afternoon, so posed a challenge. Well, the damsel did. The dragon not so much, as I'll explain further on.

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Macro Outing 20/05/2012

Published May 22nd, 2012

Another insect-based blog post. Expect more of these as the weather continues warming up.

Most of my identifications are done from a variety of web sources. If any of my information is wrong then I'm happy to be corrected. As well as hopefully offering some interesting information (if you're into insects), these blog posts are serving as excellent learning tools for me.

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First Macro Outing of 2012

Published May 15th, 2012

Let me just start by saying that I am not an entomologist. Just an enthusiastic amateur photographer, with a fondness for photographing small six-legged things. Disclaimer out of the way...

One of the annoying things about photographing insects in their environment is having to rely upon the weather to bring out the subjects. In winter my macro lens generally gets tucked away in a dark corner to hibernate until the weather starts to get warmer. I envy those in warmer climes, when I see their insect photos posted online throughout the whole year.

With that somewhat placid rant out of the way, here's a brief blog of my first successful macro session of the new year.

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Dunstanburgh Castle

Published February 14th, 2012

My first visit to the iconic Dunstanburgh Castle, and my first blog post. I have seen plenty of photos of this location before, and needed to make sure it wasn't too tricky to access the viewpoint I wanted for my early morning visit. As you might imagine, this location really looks best at sunrise, and I will be heading back there as soon as the next clear morning is forecast.

It was a long drive for half an hour's scouting, but I think the photos I've come home with made it all worthwhile.

I managed to get some shots on my Olympus OM10 loaded with Fuji Superia, which I'll upload once I've finished off and developed the film.

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