Katarina Zambanini

So a brief excerpt from the "Photography" chapter of Katarina's Life Story....

"It was a crisp fall evening, with the breeze blowing the orange and gold leaves left and right. Lifting my hand from the pocket of my jacket I gripped the Nikon D5100, we shall call her Pippa, that hung from around my neck. I heard leaves snap behind me and I whipped around, only to see my little chihuahua puppy Penny, staring back at me, butt wiggling in the air and a playful look in her eyes. I raised my camera, and squatted down to get a better angle to capture this precious moment. I pressed down on the shutter button and..."

Just kidding. There is no photography chapter, and this was just a story created on a whim to make you smile. You could argue that there is a "Katarina's Life Story", but that's boring. I do have a chihuahua puppy named Penny, who I love taking pictures of. I also have my treasured Nikon D5100. And, yes. Her name is in fact Pippa.

Pippa and I have wonderful adventures all the time. We've hiked around my property countless times, and have shot countless scenes together.

I received Pippa on a warm September evening, and she was a gift from my parents in congratulations to receiving my Girl Scout Gold Award. I immediately fell in love with photography, and it began to consume my thoughts.

During May of my Senior year of High School I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a wonderful photographer and job shadow her. She taught me a lot of important information and very good tips, and I am forever grateful to Aimee Herbert :)

Now, this is the result.

The result is a young woman just trying to turn a hobby into something more promising, and hopefully in due time, more successful.

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