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All About Smoke Art - Part 1 (Photography)

Published July 22nd, 2013

For anyone who is interested in smoke art, I have written tutorials on flickr that I will adapt and transfer here. This is Part 1: Photography or how to take quality pictures of smoke.

All of my Smoke Art starts with a photograph of incense smoke. Here are my steps:

I am using a dSLR and external flash. I understand that adequate smoke photos can be taken with an on-camera flash, but I have not done so.

1. I use incense. I started with cones and then tried sticks. They produce somewhat different effects. The cones make a little thicker smoke trail, but the smoke moves faster and it takes three cones to get as many pictures as I get with one stick.

2. I shoot in my garage. There are no windows in the garage, so it is completely dark. It is large enough to ventilate better once I open the garage door. I made the mistake of doing it in a bathroom the first time and I had a headache for 24 hours and the shower curtain still smells like smoke. LOL.

3. I shoot from a tripod. I know ...

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