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Mark - Smokreations

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I am an amateur photographer and photo artist, completely self-taught. My initial photographic passions were waterfalls, nature and architecture. I'm now known more for my smoke photo art. My smoke art straddles the line between photography and art (usually crossing over more into the art side). People mistake my smoke art for fractals or digital paintings all the time. All of my work starts with a photograph, it often is processed with several Photoshop effects; other digital effects are sometimes added. While I have taken a break from the smoke art, I hope to eventually return to it. While I would love for more people to see my work, I only vote on works I like, not to gain votes; I hope you do the same.

All About Smoke Art - Part 1 (Photography)

Published July 22nd, 2013

For anyone who is interested in smoke art, I have written tutorials on flickr that I will adapt and transfer here. This is Part 1: Photography or how to take quality pictures of smoke.

All of my Smoke Art starts with a photograph of incense smoke. Here are my steps:

I am using a dSLR and external flash. I understand that adequate smoke photos can be taken with an on-camera flash, but I have not done so.

1. I use incense. I started with cones and then tried sticks. They produce somewhat different effects. The cones make a little thicker smoke trail, but the smoke moves faster and it takes three cones to get as many pictures as I get with one stick.

2. I shoot in my garage. There are no windows in the garage, so it is completely dark. It is large enough to ventilate better once I open the garage door. I made the mistake of doing it in a bathroom the first time and I had a headache for 24 hours and the shower curtain still smells like smoke. LOL.

3. I shoot from a tripod. I know ...

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