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Sudarshan Mondal

Sudarshan Mondal



Sudarshan Mondal, an artist by heart, a photographer, loves to travel remote villages, cities and natural scenic locations whenever time (and money) permits. He was born and raised in a remote rural village of West Bengal, India and graduated in Electrical Engineering from a reputed college in India, and now work in a multinational IT service organization and currently based in USA for job. He started shooting with a non-SLR digital camera in 2006, and eventually it had turned into a passion in early 2010, as essential as air and water and since then his journey begins. For him, photography is a medium to depict views, express artistic emotions, and experiment art with camera, lens, light and essentially software tools. Simplicity, harmony and aesthetics are the key attributes of his imagery - he frames images with a great emphasis on subject, light and space in compositions. In his work, he loves to be faithful to the medium and portray the essence of his visual response rooted from his mind with light & color. Technology and craft of digital photography have created an entirely new medium, but he tries to balance the use of tools and his emotional needs of expressions.
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