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Nicolas Reusens

Nicolas Reusens



I want to welcome you to my website and thank you for the visit. I suppose you've seen some of my photos and I also suppose you'll want to see more and learn how I became a nature/macro photographer. My name is Nicolas Reusens, Im half swedish and I live in Spain. I've always had a sharp eye for nature and been fascinated by insects, so three years ago I bought my first reflex camera with which I started from scratch experimenting and learning the 'secrets' of THE macro photography as I imagined it should be when as a kid I collected ants, moths and other insects in matchboxes.I guess you could call me a perfectionist or maybe even a freak, but this is how I've always felt things should be done. One of the greatest satisfactions of photography is traveling around the world and 'capturing' the weird and wonderful creatures I'm showing you herewith. Since I got my first camera I've visited Malaysia twice (where I met wonderful macro fans and even better friends who made things easy for me by showing me their country and it's culture), Costa Rica three times, which has been a totally different experience, not so wild, but very comfortable. Also went to the Peruvian Amazon where I found the greatest number of species so far. This was an experience that not only put me in live contact with the 'subjects' but also taught me how the locals dealt with their bites. Ive also been to South Africa twice, to Ecuador, Mexico and other lovely places, and I'm looking forward to finding new and rare (to me) 'subjects' that will, together with my previous experiences and the ones in the future, give me a better understanding of our planet and make me a better photographer to offer you, the best of what my cameras and I can capture. If you are interested in using one of my images please contact me at: Thanks for your visit
  • 5d Mark III Canon 7D Canon 60D
  • Canon 100mm L Canon Mpe-65 Canon 50mm 1.4 Canon 10-22mm Canon 300mm L Canon 70-200mm L and few micro
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