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Soren Johansen

Soren Johansen



The most important thing you can say about me is that I'm married to Kyrie Jean Hale, the most wonderful woman in the world - seriously! Although interested in anything to do with a camera, I concentrate in fine art landscape and cityscape photography. I seek to make aesthetically pleasing images, which invoke some emotional response with the viewer. Both of these objectives can be difficult to achieve for a broad audience since it very much depends on personal taste and experience. But then I don't expect to be successful in achieving this with anyone but myself - although I do hope for a larger audience than one. I do what it takes, or what I can do, to reflect the visual impact of a scene as it appears in real life and try to underpin the emotional impact. I seek out the right angle and framing, wait for the right moment, re-visit the scene, and choose exposure length not directly dictated by the level of the light. I don't stage my images, and I don't physically manipulate the subject - I'm not a fanatic though, I will move a branch or a leaf if it is in the way of the best angle. Though I will, and do, use filters, and process photos via software in order to achieve my goal there are limits. I will not place object in an image that wasn't there at the release of the shutter and I won't remove fixed objects from a scene.
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