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How to make your uploads Stronger

Published August 12th, 2011

**How to make your uploads Stronger**

This is a guide to making your uploads more individual and taken more seriously.

Not a absolute answer guide, just some suggestions.


Try not to upload 10 images in a row, make sure you only upload 1-2 each day.

People need time to look through their center and if you upload to much, they are most likely to jump over a few of them.

The other thing is that it might seem to people that you just snapshot and upload right away, even though you might used a lot of time on it.

Image Title:

What title should i give my image? Make sure you give a title you think suits the image, a image with a strong title makes the artwork

itself better and change the way people see the theme and concept.

My suggestion is that you think about the feeling you had when you worked on the image, or the feeling you want the image to show.

Let`s say you worked on a photo that reminded you about your childhood. You there have many titles; Childhood dreams, looking back, nostalgic, here now.

It is up to you, take your time on each image and think it through, it will give you a stronger attachment to the work.


Make sure you include information that is important to you in the comment field.

Copyright notice, saying that your work can not be used without your permission.

Information regarding the process is highly appreciated by the community, and it can bring the viewer closer.

Sometimes it is best not to say, to keep the mystery, that is up to you to judge.

Tell people that all feedback is appreciated.


Appreciate and handle all sorts of feedback.

People supporting you are not a given, appreciate all the feedback, both critique and compliments, both short comments and in depth.

People taking the time to tell you have they feel about something you made, is a bliss.


Try to answer peoples question regarding the piece.

I often fail here myself, but try to answer all questions and help out people to understand how you got the result you did.

People will take both you and your artwork more serious and they will come back.


Find the category that suits the image you upload, a lot of people react on misplaced deviations, and it can seem like you don`t care.


if your concept/idea is totally inspired by a artist, tell it in the comment field and explain that you wanted to show your angle on the concept, people appreciate honesty.

Be Proud:

Do not tell people how bad you think the image is, and that you should scrap it soon. Let people decide for them self what they feel about your work, don`t push it down. Be proud of your work.

Do not beg people to see your work. Your work is yours and it is great, keep on supporting others and doing what you do, and feedback will come.

Art is Life

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Terra Mikkonen  over 6 years ago

thank you .

Chris Anderson  over 6 years ago

Wonderful tips. Going to start working on putting more of them into practice.

Stephen Nesbitt  over 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Appreciated.