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Spencer Sills

Spencer Sills



Storm Chaser / Photographer located in Southern Ontario

Saturday April 12 Chase

Published April 15th, 2014

This Saturday actually began on Thursday, as that is when I began forecasting for the storm potential over the Great Lakes area. My early target was Chatham/Kent for Saturday evening and as you will see it was within 30 minutes of where I eventually ended up.

The day began with a brilliant sunrise just outside of London, Ontario. The temps quickly rose to 19 degrees Celsius and it was a great spring day, eventually stratus cloud had moved in due to the warm front approaching the area. Questions began to arise about potential storms that night due to the clouds, but I had been watching Visible Satellite all day and keeping my eye on the Alto-cumulus around SE Michigan into Ohio, a sure sign of instability in the region.

By evening two cells of interest were moving through Michigan and heading to Ontario, the one that caught my attention had a South East movement to it, opposed to the North East tracks of other storms, and was heading into the unstable air over the SW.

I had made m ...

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