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Sean Shimmel

Visit me at and behind the scenes at:

And here are two articles that give a peek at my creative approach. I hope they bring a smile


Sean's vision is an intriguing mixture of fresh, fun, witty, subtle... yet touched with a serious timelessness befitting of classic portraiture.

His tone work and professionally restrained style is right at home with Hollister and Abercrombie and the world of designer fashion.

Take a peek in Downloads to read what other's are saying around the world.

Visit his blog at for his latest work and thoughts.

Finally, as so many photographers and models have offered such kind compliments and have asked for my advice:


1. Show less. Far less. A handful of images from a given shoot is worth far, far more than the whole shoot. Each additional, similar image dilutes the one that preceded.

2. NEVER show 2 versions of the same photo. YOU are the visionary artist. If you see an image as toned, bw, then make it so... officially. Deny the urge to make everyone happy with a color version "just in case".

3. Be creative and add some flair to your titles. Camera generated names like "DSC_2436.jpg" inspire nothing. Cinematic vision captivates. Technical naming bores.

4. NEVER (maybe once, just to remind the viewer of your mastery) show a before and after. Magicians and Illusionists preserve the wonder. Photographers who too easily show the before and after destroy the mystery and allure.


1. Stun us with your beauty... but with classy style. Too many models settle for a photographer's limited, tired, sense of beauty... bikinis and gobs of makeup (we like makeup when it works with a theme... even a lot of makeup). Be different. Envision an ideal image you long to portray. Embody the classy, casual elegance made famous by Jackie-O. The sense of subtlety and refinement that set you apart from the crowd.

2. Check out this brilliantly simple video from that shows: the models clean natural beauty; easygoing spirit during the shoot; the photographer's equally calm take; the stunning results that represent my first point for models.

3. Remember that professional modeling is... professional. Professionals initiate contact; return phone calls and emails; contribute their own thoughts and ideas for the shoot; thank the photographer in writing soon after the shoot.

4. Practice on your own behind the scenes: watch videos like the above. Practice in front of the mirror. Buy an Allure, Vogue or Vanity Fair and carry it with you all week before the shoot. Look at arm and hand placement, hip rocking; ask yourself why you stopped to look at THAT photo and see how you could replicate that special something yourself. Experiment with and without makeup and make each version captivating. Cast yourself as shy, all natural, high fashion, scared, beaming with the happiness of great news, mysterious, classy, bold.

5. Read 1 and 2 above for photographers and apply it to your portfolio.

6. Set some goals: reach out to a photographer THIS WEEK with your own vision of a shoot. Convey your excitement and be ready to inspire the photographer with your specific ideas.

Go for it!

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