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Pesch, a town disappears

Published October 6th, 2013

Pesch is a neighborhood in the district of Erkelenz Heinberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. It forms with wooden hamlet, Old Immerath and Lützerath the District 9 City Erkelenz. Pesch and the rest of District 9 will be dredged by the eastern Garzweiler of RWE Power, and thus relocated. Meanwhile, the place is completely deserted and demolished for the most part.

Pesch contributed to 17 Century a different place names. It was called Werretsrath. For the first time this name is mentioned as werencenrode in 1265. It is made up of the names of persons Werinher Werin, the diminutive ikin or chin and the base word Reod. The name means clearing the Werenken or Were starlet. The village got its name from the manor, situated on the western outskirts. Only in the second half of the 17th Century is replaced by the name Pesch the old place name.

2013 - the place is almost completely demolished Pesch - destroyed.

Well here is surface mined lignite to generate electricity with coal.

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And daily the groundhog greets

Published April 15th, 2012

In 2010, during our trip in the near Saas Fee (Switzerland).

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Aareschlucht Switzerland

Published April 11th, 2012

Walk through the Aare Gorge, Switzerland.

Spaziergang durch die Aareschlucht / Berner Oberland / Schweiz.

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