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Aurora Photography - my Experience

Published February 2nd, 2014

Unlike other photographers who say that all of their photographs had been in their head before they took the picture I think that this cannot be true in every case. On the 11th of March 2011 at 03.26am I witnessed a moment that no photographer would ever think this can be the reality. It all began with a vision - a vision of a great northern light in Iceland.

To take a picture of a northern light you need a good knowledge of the landscape and especially the reflection grounds like lakes, the sea or rivers. It was my 6th visit to Iceland and I really knew the landscape - but during the winter the weather is so uncertain, that you cannot plan anything. The only thing you can plan is the point you will stand at night to wait for the green and red lights. So this was my first job; driving around the whole day and spot for small lakes which are protected from the wind. This, I think, is the easiest part of the job. Then, after a short dinner I went out again and the long wait began. The f ...

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