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Stefan Lux

Stefan Lux

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born in 1970 - in berlin. currently living in hamburg, germany. I started taking portraits and female nudes back in 2010 - as a spare time activity. it soon became an important part of my life - and still is. after three years of using digital gear I moved back to shooting film and I am solely using analogue materials these days. as if I am addicted to classical photography, all black and white material is developed and scanned by myself - mostly using ilford products and an epson v700 scanner. I am working with several kinds of cameras and formats - mostly large and medium format.
  • nikon D3
  • graflex - crown graphic
  • rolleiflex 6008 professional
  • nikon FA
  • af nikkor 180 mm 1:2,8d ed
  • af-dc nikkor 135 mm 1:2d
  • af-s nikkor 85 mm 1:1,8g
  • af-s nikkor 50 mm 1:1,8g
  • zeiss planar 80mm 1:2.8
  • rollei rolleigon 150mm 1:4
  • schneider-kreuznach xenar 4.7/135mm
  • schneider-kreuznach symmar-s 5.6/240mm

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