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Stelios  Kritikakis

Stelios Kritikakis



Contact me at steliosk@hotmail.com or +30.6942616550 if you are interested to buy my work. Hello, my name is Stelios Kritikakis I remember the feelings when i took my first picture back as a kid. A whole new world waiting to be unlocked by a single click. Same feelings are repeated whenever i point my camera up and put myself behind the lens. In a word? Freedom! Words become useless, especially meanings like "must" and "should" loose completely their gravity. Time stops. I don't know where it goes and i don't care. Photography is endless, a completely different way of expression. Like i said, another world. Now i could write some things about myself, my skills, my photographic course and my achievements across time, make me look impressive enough, and waste your time reading. All that doesn't matter, its just numbers and those can't control the passion of creativity and that’s what is constant. If you have that and you like what you're doing, you move along! It’s so simple. If you're new to photography, you like my work and want to ask me how do i do it, i believe i answered above, putting some value to this bio-note. I kindly appreciate your time visiting my work and reading this. I hope you enjoy my work and vote ONLY if you like it. Thank you.
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