Published May 20th, 2013

I'm a star! VOTE FOR ME.

...i'm famous i got a reputation, ITS ME!!!!!

RIGHT! now get a grip and come to reality.

WELCOME! now sit down and shut up!

I don't know if you're "good" i don't know who defines "good", i don't know if there is a scale or a measurement. Obviously not.

No math here, no formulas, no basics. Everything is perceptual and variable. I know whats good when i see it where somebody else doesn't.

There are many meanings and categories which describe somebody's work, opening other tunnels of escape into the light. So its best to know how good you are, rather than seeking by others to confirm you on how good you are which might not be true after all!!!

Its called self-critique. Can you judge your self? hard? objective? knowing what else is around? in reality?

Alright screw reality, play your own game and become "good" at it. Do you still need others from the real world to confirm you?

Do you have doubts?

oh you do huh? the "LIKE" button is driving you insane and you ...

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Published May 20th, 2013

Hello world!

I can't tell you how many tasks i have to accomplish, but there is always time for myself and creating this article is a relief and a big break from every day's work.

Well its a photography community so i'll try not to spend your time reading garbage.

The main subject? "QUALITY"

Now lets take a break and empty our heads out of everything and keep only that word in mind. Quality.!

We all seek for it, we all need it, we all expect to have it.


actually it goes all the way around. Quality is everywhere. Waiting to be picked, learned, and customized.

I see many new photographers blaming their equipment or time, leaving theirselves out.

No, it doesn't have to be full frame, you don't have to spent a fortune on big lenses and make trips to exotic places with your muscle gear flashing around and expecting to have quality pictures.. No way.

Buy the best car in the world but can you drive it?

Buy the best oven or kitchen but can you cook with it?

Buy the best mobile p ...

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