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I'm a star! VOTE FOR ME.

...i'm famous i got a reputation, ITS ME!!!!!

RIGHT! now get a grip and come to reality.

WELCOME! now sit down and shut up!

I don't know if you're "good" i don't know who defines "good", i don't know if there is a scale or a measurement. Obviously not.

No math here, no formulas, no basics. Everything is perceptual and variable. I know whats good when i see it where somebody else doesn't.

There are many meanings and categories which describe somebody's work, opening other tunnels of escape into the light. So its best to know how good you are, rather than seeking by others to confirm you on how good you are which might not be true after all!!!

Its called self-critique. Can you judge your self? hard? objective? knowing what else is around? in reality?

Alright screw reality, play your own game and become "good" at it. Do you still need others from the real world to confirm you?

Do you have doubts?

oh you do huh? the "LIKE" button is driving you insane and you could do probably ANYTHING to acquire some votes.

Anything? yeap you've heard me (read actually).

Whats the most valuable thing in life my friend?


and how do you spend it? creating your image your ego?

oh you don't like what i say now do you? you might hate this article and me who wrote it.. but think twice, its not about me buddy, its about you and your fantastic bubble world you live into.

So where was i?

TIME, yes! you spend time either in real life or in the internet to press that damn LIKE button to people who will retaliate it, where you all live above the clouds in the sky as stars.. lalalala, ohhhhh please...


Don't you ever think to press that damn LIKE button on whenever you DO really like something?

Don't you think that its real purpose?

Do you actually think you're a star and the world loves you? because your work took 1000 likes in a day and you rock?

even if it does, even if your work worth something, wouldn't be nicer to let your work speak for it self, rather than hunting the votes?

Don't you think that YOUR WORK is showing your actual self? and if you do it by heart and you love it, isn't it more important?

questions questions

decisions decisions

The answer to all that is really simple and leads to one direction!!!

Sometime you have to make a choice as an artist.

- Do your "job" "hobby" "need" (or however you wanna call it) well. Satisfy yourself, if you don't like something fix it. Its like putting some salt in the salad.

- Don't trust anybody.

- Don't listen to anybody.

Art comes out of you and not by thoughts, critiques and influences of other people who get into you like rules to follow.

Art is an obsession, you have it in you. Its like your opinion which comes DIRECTLY out of your mind and there is the magic. No matter how many will "LIKE" it or not.

Create culture, not fame, fame follows. Fame is a result. Or you might think that Bresson and Ansel Adams made famous by voting each others works.

You'd probably look like this in this picture right now, as i ruined your fantastic world, but hey: Stand up and let your coincidence speak, your truly self you have forgotten and not that cheap fragile illusion before your time runs out.

Now if you feel you're in the ocean without a life boat, i wouldn't let you like this.. no lecture is productive enough unless it creates an equal part of the other side of the equation right?

So this might be a pretty good start


Check it out, and we'll talk over..


  • November 20th, 2011
  • Canon EOS 450D
  • 31mm / f/5.6 / 1/125 sec

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Chriss Zikou  almost 4 years ago

Beautiful !!!!