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Published June 14th, 2012

I was doing one of my usual backlog dives in Lightroom and remember I had not really had a look at my photos from a recent trip to Oman I did last month. Whilst I was selecting photos for the blog-post I realised that my beloved 5D 'Classic' had just rolled over the click-count, making it past the 30,000 mark.

…and many more to come!

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Published June 8th, 2012

Apologies for the softness of some of these photos; they were taken from a moving car at 100km/h on my way to Victoria Island from Lagos International Airport. As you can see, although soft, the X-Pro1 autofocus works, as long as you know how to work it ;)

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Harajuku, Tokyo. In Black and White.

Published June 4th, 2012

Some photos from Harajuku in Tokyo - the 5D Classic still delivers!

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Downtown Nairobi

Published May 23rd, 2012

More hands-on tests of my new X-Pro1… the majority of these shots were taken from a moving car, so the slow Auto-Focus ability, is pretty moot in my personal experience. Learn to plan your shot better.

Again, all JPEG, with basic (and small) adjustments in Lightroom 4.

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30 Street shots with my new Fuji X-Pro1

Published May 18th, 2012

Just bought the fantastic Fuji X-Pro1 and XF 35mm F1.4 R combo and decided to give it a proper run for it’s money on the narrow streets of Old Dubai, UAE.

The Auto-focus can be on the slow side, sometimes, but not as bad as I myself thought it would be. Once the focus locks, it’s sharp and accurate many more times than my 5D + 35L used to be.

The camera is definitely not a “spray and pray” time of machine, it makes you think about your shots and concentrate on your composition. I am convinced this camera will make me a better photographer.

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