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Stephan Brauchli

Stephan Brauchli



Stephan Brauchli lives in Zurich Switzerland. He has a very diverse portfolio ranging from abstract smoke photography to artistic nudes, wildlife and travel.

Happy 4th Birthday 500px - Jumping Kittens

Published November 3rd, 2013

Kittens Rocky and Ria jump after leaves with the 500px logo cut out.

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Space girl (set)

Published April 27th, 2012

Like some baby Barbarella with the stars as her umbrella (Jamiroquai)

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Dancing Apsaras of the Bayon

Published April 22nd, 2012

Various Apsaras (living and not) at the Bayon, Angkor Thom, Cambodia 2010.

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Amazing Cheetah Hunt

Published April 19th, 2012

In March of 2010 I was in Tanzania to photograph wildlife in Africa. In 2008 while on a self-drive safari in Namibia I had been very lucky with the wildlife, so I was hoping to capture some more predators in the amazing setting of the Piaia concession. We drove out for an afternoon game drive. Charlie Babault, our guide, soon spotted a cheetah in the grass. When we slowly approached we discovered two youngsters with the mother. The mother tried a few times that afternoon to approach a Thompson's gazelle, but her inexperienced cubs kept giving her away, so it did not look like we were going to get any action shots. As we drove on we stopped on hill to survey the surroundings. I thought I saw something through my binoculars, but was not sure what it was, so I took a picture of it and zoomed in on the LCD display of the camera. The stance was clearly that of a cheetah and not of a hyena as we had originally assumed, so we slowly drove to the valley where a Wildebeest herd was traversing. ...

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