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Stephen Geis

Stephen Geis



About the Artist I enjoy the viscous nature of oil paints and creating abstracts that build thick impasto layers as colors collide together in unexpected ways. Large canvases allow the exploration of a theme, whether color, texture, shape or any combination of the three to come together in a new and innovative manner. I love how the thick application of oil paint results in a heavy, layered effect that often takes months to dry completely. And when dry, the think paint often still looks wet, as if it is about to drip off of the canvas. As light hits a painting from different angles, the three dimensional aspect of an impasto oil changes the look and feel of a painting throughout the day, resulting in an ever-changing experience for the viewer. Photography exercises a very different creative side. I enjoy noticing how natural light plays on subjects often creating poignant contrast. Just the act of waiting for the right light and the right subject causes the photographer to slow down, notice and observe. When combined with a shallow depth of field using a fast lens, you can frame the subject and point the viewer to exactly what you want them to see, forever capturing the moment in time. A Charlotte, North Carolina resident since 1994, Stephen lives in Myers Park with his wife and four children.
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