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My Photographic Life

Published August 2nd, 2011

G'day everyone,

I am still new to 500px and I am finding it quite addicting due mainly to all the amazing photographs that make it onto the site. I hope every one stays honest with themselves sticking to there personal best, even if the shot leaves the rest of us scratching out heads. Yes I am talking to all you people who post photos of your pet dog or cat!

When I first noticed this blog feature (and how basic it is what do you mean there is no HTML) I started to wonder how I could make use of it. So after some consideration I am going to keep a photographic journal, a quick message at the end of my day about My Photographic Life (that name rings a bell and I don't know why).

So what did I get up to today? Well I am starting to wish I started this yesterday when I actually made some photographs. Today was quite photographically speaking, I did not fire a shot in anger, even though I do carry a camera with me during the day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will sign off today with a tip from a Frank Doorhof Video on His web site is

Tip: When taking a portrait of someone it is often a good idea to get the person to be looking to the left of the frame slightly.

Why? Well when we view a photograph we are actually reading a photograph, and I read the photograph from left to right as that is how I read (in a culture that reads right to left reverse this tip). So our eyes start on the left of the shot and move to the right till we see the persons face then out eyes are going to try and see what the person is looking at, which is the left of the frame. So already you are making the viewer look at your photograph twice.

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