This kinetic photograph made the cover of the Kinetic Light eBook, which you can receive as a reward for funding the <a href=\"\">Kickstarter</a> $25 or more. The eBook will be available on the iBookstore initially, its release to coincide with the opening of the Kinetic Light Exhibition.

Kinetic Light

Published February 25th, 2014

Only in dreams can we experience time in a different way. I turn my head in a dream and find myself in another time and place. By shifting time in a nonlinear fashion, our dreams can take us to places and show us things that help shape our worldview. I became fascinated by this aspect of dreaming while experimenting with lucid dreams and sought to illustrate this shift in my perceptual awareness through photography. It’s interesting to me how the unconscious mind can construct light and motion in dreams. The work is a reflection of the moments in my dreams where sight becomes blurred and my concept of linear time is distorted by the unconscious mind.

I search for interesting gradients of light and shadow needed to construct the composition. I compose the shot, blurring my own vision to find blocks of color and contrast. I press the shutter. While moving the camera, my vision through the viewfinder is obscured by the mirror. When the mirror flaps back up and reveals a different scene t ...

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