HDR Dilemma

Published March 6th, 2013

I was searching a different photo website recently looking at HDR shots and thinking to myself "God, that one is awful. Ugh, way too saturated. Why would he use HDR for that?", but then I was struck by a thought. What if my HDR is that bad? How would I know? I remember a session with Moose Peterson where he claimed he was the master of realistic HDR, and this was always my goal as well. But, how do you know whats realistic or what is too far. We all have an attachment to our photos. We always love our own photos (atleast the better ones), so can you really be truthful with yourself about your shots if they are truly gaudy and overcooked? I remember the first time I searched HDR photography and I hated the way it looked. Every example I saw was over saturated or way too painterly with halos around the subject and a sky that looked like it was painted in (poorly). I swore I would never use that technique, that was until I stumbled across a few shots all done by the same photog ...

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