Published December 1st, 2013

Sometimes things just fall into place.

I am always amazed and humbled in my time with this hobby that a shoot is more than just about the photographer.

A good image is not all about pressing a button on the camera.

A successful shoot is just as much about the Model and the MUA as your ability to take the shot.

I should also credit my friend Kerry Wilcox for selecting this location - he also has some shots you can see on his 500PX page:

I have known Stephanie for about a year and met her through another friend's project.

Stephanie expressed interest in a shoot of her own and we decided on some shoots to suit her look.

I was quite amazed when both herself and my regular make-up artist Christine agreed to commence make-up at 5AM!

Then we still had to drive about an hour or so to the beach location.

Kerry and Christine helped with the reflector. I pitched in as well when Kerry took his shots.

Stephanie has a smile that radiates and a look that is captivati ...

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