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Time Travel

Published May 1st, 2012

Most lovers of old gear and of film have seen this sort of thing before...old camera, undeveloped roll of film. Still, I find myself astonished by the implications.

The Browie Bullseye I bought was made some time in the mid 1950s. The film it contained was made by Gevaert, a company that merged with Agfa in 1963. So, it's not unreasonable to say that the film was exposed no later than about 1965 and likely somewhere in the 10 years before that.

The idea that someone loaded that camera with film in, let's imagine...1957, snapped 8 shots of his new baby, then put the camera away, never to be used again just amazes me. So, for 55 years this camera was left in a corner of a house, on a shelf or two, and finally in a box of things no one knew what to do with then the owner died. Somewhere a child grew up and is now nearing retirement age, and this picture of him on a changing table has found its way to me. It traveled through time, tightly wrapped and enclosed in a camera, slowly loosing its battle to hold on the the image that was formed that day in 1957...and now I have it. I've released it from that cocoon, rescued it, just barely in time.

No details, other than those I've imagined, will ever be known about this rescued image. Latent for all those years and brought to the light by a stranger.



  • Brownie Bullseye

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