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Steven's Wedding Photos

Steven's Wedding Photos



Hi! I'm Steven Aquilino, Owner/Photographer with Steven's Wedding Photos, a division of SJA Studios. Steven's Wedding Photos was created for brides and grooms looking for beautiful wedding photography at an affordable price! I thought this might be a great opportunity to answer some of the most common questions you might have about me, Steven's Wedding Photos, and your wedding photography. So here goes............ Who do you work best with? I do kind of a freestyle photography. A mixture of photojournalism and traditional. I try to capture the events as they unfold as well as get a few elegant, traditional portraits with a bit of a modern touch. People who enjoy this style are going to be people I work best with. Do you have back up equipment? I certainly do. I carry back up camera bodies, lenses, flashes and lots of accessories and batteries to make sure your photography goes off without a hitch. What type of payments do you accept? I accept cash or check. Do you have insurance? I do. I have liability coverage through State Farm. What do we do next? Contact me to set up your personal consultation to discuss all the details of your event. That way we can design a photography package that is perfect for you! I hope this helps answer a few of the questions you might have. Please let me know if you have any others. Thanks! Steven J. Aquilino Owner/Photographer, Steven's Wedding Photos, a division of SJA Studios. For more information call 602-330-3253
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