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Steve Passlow

Steve Passlow



Photography Enthusiast from Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia Please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing any of my images. Photos can be made available for purchase through the 500px store if required.

Cave Monochrome

Published January 14th, 2013

Just a test to see if 500px has improved its downsizing of larger resolution files. I haven't posted anything to 500px for a while and still can't come to terms with how small the standard images look on a modern high resolution screen. To me the small version of this displayed on my profile page looks very very soft compared to the uploaded photo where one of the important features for me is the texture and detail in the foreground.

Edit - to me it looks just as soft in the larger size displayed here in the story feature (viewed on a relatively small screen of 1280 pixels across). This is still a downsize of the original I uploaded which was at 2048 pixels across. I'm happy, and want to, share my images at that size so they can be viewed on suitable screens at a size that does justice to the work I did processing it. I haven't yet viewed this on a higher resolution screen to see the comparison but any feedback from others would be appreciated.

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Athabasca Falls Rainbow

Published August 19th, 2012

A workaround to share this image at a larger size

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Is Bigger better?

Published April 30th, 2012

Just a couple of my latest uploads presented in the Story function so they can be viewed at a larger size by those with capable screens who appreciate such things.

What size images are you happy with?

I recently had someone private message me on another 'photo sharing' site with some tips on how I might gain a wider following of my images. They suggested that I should take more care to protect my images by displaying smaller sizes and adding watermarks. Not doing so may be turning people off as it leads to my photo collection being erratic and inconsistent. "Giving my images away", which is apparently related to posting them at larger sizes, is detrimental to the photographic community as a whole, so I was told, since it may be seen as undervaluing what 'we' do. By some I may be seen as going against the wider community by not making a greater effort to reduce theft of my images.

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Digital Photo Sharing - A Reality or a Myth?

Published April 25th, 2012

Not so much a story but another effort to share some of my latest photos at a size that I feel is better than the standard 500px view - at least for those of us with computer screens that are able to take advantage of such things.

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A Bigger View

Published April 10th, 2012

This is a just a personal test/trial of the 500px Story function so I can see how it functions. I've noticed larger images than the normal 500px size within "Stories" and wanted to give it a go myself. If you are reading along ... hi

After processing this image as a vertical panorama to try to better represent the grandeur of the scene that I was lucky to experience with my own eyes, I was a bit disappointed with how it looked at the standard 500px size. In fact, I'm always disappointed in the standard size of images on 500px. I guess I may be in a small minority with this but now that I'm used to viewing large digital images on a large screen I have trouble going back. Anyway, I'm hoping the format of the 500px Story feature allows some viewers to see this at a size closer to what I intended it to be viewed at. I guess if your screen is still quite small you might not notice a difference and you might wonder what I'm going on about - if so, sorry.

If anyone has any questions or crit ...

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