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Paul is a 53 yr old married father of four young children, that as late onset Full Blown Tourette Syndrome plus, which started out of the blue seven years ago,so due to severe motor Tic's (involuntary body movements) and vocal tic's inc coprolalia (swearing & cursing ),He struggles being out in a social situation , basically anywhere out in public.For the first month when the condition started he didn't go out and couldn't cope with and still struggle with the pressure of the Tic's. He as found that he gets some respite taking photo's. He knows his photo's are not top quality,but he enjoys them and is always eager to pick things up to improve, so feel free to let him know ways he could improve,Thanks for the taking time

Dog Poo

Published December 30th, 2011

Nature is paint, palette and finished art work,and i love to go to quiet sometimes remote places, to try to capture natures beauty with my camera,but somehow no matter where i travel i always end up standing or kneeling in Dog poo ( dog feces ) ,.This is a big issue for me,i am an animal lover and think dogs are great pets,but i hate folk that do not clean up after there animals,end of rant :)

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