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Philip Stier

Philip Stier



When someone asks you what you do for a living, have you ever thought about the way you respond? The tone in your voice? Your excitement or disapproval of the words that spill from your mouth? For me, I know that there are no thoughts to this question. I know that I love what I do every day, especially being able to express myself, creatively. I am, and have always considered myself, an artist. Trained through college as a print and advertising designer, I now meddle mostly in digital media, spotlighting currently on website design and development. I love having the opportunity to be creative, and focus on both expressing this and building upon this, every day. My aspirations are to be a freelance illustrator, however, I enjoy any medium or media that aids me in expressing my art. During my free time, I am a self-proclaimed singer/songwriter, and music junkie.
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