The Coat Chronicles (Part Twenty)

Published May 24th, 2012

This scene could go straight into a horror movie... I've been thrown anxiously into a round metal compartment where the walls are lined evenly with small holes, to which their use, I am severely frightened to find out. This place is like a deep well for which I am never to escape. A deep metal well, ready to encapsulate me forever, filled with the air of soap and my now claustrophobic fear. I search desperately for an escape, or any fleeting chance of me avoiding an almost imminent fate, but as the cover of the well begins it's descent, diminishing whatever light is left, all hope escapes with. I dearly hope that I make out of this chamber, that is soon to become my torture, I'm sure. I dearly hope that you will hear from me again...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Nineteen)

Published May 17th, 2012

What am I doing chilling on this dirty chair? The worn, dark red fibers, browning from obvious years of use and abuse, definitely do not look good against my elegant fur and smooth grey's. No, I should be out traveling the world, seeing the sights, and above all else, draining whatever memory I may have that is filled with lonely abandon. These thoughts stay with me like a cancer, and I long to eradicate them forever.

I have not been able to see my partner, going on a couple weeks now. I wonder where that silky coat has gone? During the move into this new home, we were unfortunately separated--torn from each other's loving grip. Even though I know that somewhere around this quaint, suburban home, that handsome coat is hiding, waiting to be rediscovered, those cancerous thoughts creep into my brain. There is no way to divert my thoughts as the minutes pass by with a sloth, and being now alone again, there is not a lot else to think about. But no matter the loneliness, I await my coming ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Eighteen)

Published May 10th, 2012

The cool green grass, and calm, delicate breeze are just indicators of the beauty that surrounds me. On nice days as this, I actually enjoy being outside, spread out amongst the green oceans of blades, soaking in the plentiful warmth. No matter how lonely I get, I am always at peace with my tragedies, when I can escape from them to this cloud--green and heavenly. The one thing about being a coat that I've learned that one must count on, is to enjoy the small moments that you find yourself absolutely free from a rather tormented reality, because without these gasps of fresh air, we can find ourselves choking on the pollution, and the fear.

Just imagine all of the things that we would do if we were to live without fear. I have lived in the shadow of fear since that first night, abandoned on the apartment railing. But now I am seeking to live without regrets and to surpress that fear as much as possible. With the grey sleeved coat nearby, I take one more deep breath--drawing long and ha ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Seventeen)

Published May 3rd, 2012

Days start to slow down as we gently lie next to each other; limp, almost lifeless, amidst the dense, humid air. All around us--the bare, shallow carpet. Dim, yellow lights. Dusty, shaded blinds. Rough, patchy walls.--reverberate with an astounding amount of clarity. I have never known such satisfaction and belonging. I could go on and on with lyrical poetry, about how I am almost certain that being lost was part of a plan to bring me right here, next to this coat.

The items around us start to pile up with reckless abandon, and I only really take notice when the space around us becomes somewhat suffocated with other articles of clothing. My companion and I are moments away from being compressed beneath a mound of dirty underwear, when we are transplanted into the front seat of a car. The panic begins to creep, with the height of once again being taken away from the very fabric I hold onto, however, I am calmed when that grey sleeve touches mine. Wherever this next adventure leads me, ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Sixteen)

Published April 27th, 2012

Strange how commonalities can intertwine and become so heartfelt, and warmly passionate about each other. Such is how I feel now about that strange and shy, yet elegantly handsome coat. We lie together now on an padded, aging chair, soaking in the minutes of stale, mid-afternoon apartment air. After dreamily coming to, hanging across the chair near to me, the coat took notice of my presence and since, has been constantly awed by my perilous story. The coat still remembers the day in which he arrived in the mail. Out of a boxed, inescapable darkness, into a breath of new life and constant ownership, always to be noticed by his owner; the very hands that now held me with awkward ease. I hope one day to feel the security that this coat has. I long for it...

As the desk lamp above us burns with an unwavering, sensual light, we remain wrapped in each others warmth. My furry hood and soft linen. The coat's smooth polyester, and silky linings. If the clock stopped unwinding now, I would be i ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Fifteen)

Published April 19th, 2012

Phew! That was a close call... Just as the sky started darkening, with heavy, grey clouds, a passerby quickly grabbed me off of that bench, into a rather small, cozy apartment. I am fortunate, because I know that if I were to stay outside, next to that glassy lake, for any longer, the oncoming rain would for surely reek havoc on my delicate fabric. I despise the rain... Anyway, for now I am safe, and rather lucky to have narrowly escaped such elements, in which I am not equipped for. I... Would...

"Hi, my name is Aero!" I manage to choke out. The handsome, stripped jacket, draped so elegantly on the chair next to mine, had just then caught my attention. "Hello?" I whispered again, only to be answered by more silence. I know how this jacket must feel. Now that the weather is getting warmer, what more is there to do but rest... But those arms... So masterfully formed. And that collar... As I admire longer, there comes a movement from the folds of it's back.... "Hello?"...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Fourteen)

Published April 5th, 2012

I am passionate about sunny days, and slow falling flecks of show. Of the gentle calm after a layer of white has blanketed the landscape, and the sparkle this blanket wields in the shine of the sun. Passionate of slender shoulders, kind eyes, and a constant attention. My bushy fur; how can I forget that! But what I most regard is a warm hand on a cold day, and a cool breeze that touches my fibers hastily, but fails in an attempt to pass through--through to where I house the heat that is always circulating inside of me. On those cold days with cold winds, a hand is always in need of warmth. That I have to offer.

A kind gentleman today was rather courteous in escorting me down to a cozy metal bench overlooking a small lake today. I would not mind being lost out here. The view serene, and rays of sun kind upon my felt. My adventure, this adventure, I feel is about to begin, and that everything before this moment were trials to test my resolve in a world so vast. I am ready to face this w ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Thirteen)

Published March 29th, 2012

I do not know why this realization is just hitting me, but I am, in fact, a free coat! The spring heat has rendered my service obsolete until the next winter, and I have no true owner anymore. No ties, no worries, just a world of opportunities, and explorations waiting to be... Explored! I catch a quick glance of the rather peaceful climate outside of the door, next to the coat pegs I now hang. You know, Spring does not seem so bad anymore. There seems to be an added "Spring" in everyone's step and a new life envelopes the atmosphere around me. I do not want this feeling to fade. I want to embrace every second of it.

Suddenly, as the door swings open again and the cool, calm breeze greets my fur, the room that I am in loses it's vastness, compared to the unseen world outside. The walls almost become suffocating as my anticipation grows to start this new chapter in my life: No strings attached.

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Twelve)

Published March 22nd, 2012

The spring time is in full swing... Where did that saying come from by the way? Besides the gusts of wind on gloomy evenings such as this, does Spring really swing? Or is that just an expressive way to say that a season has suddenly decided to reappear? Whatever the case may be, the rain started to fall in sheets outside, replacing the white snow--a sure sign that winter was now a thing of the past. I hate rain. The snow was always a comforting sight, falling slowly and gracefully to the ground, blanketing everything in a layer of pure white. It was always a sign that there would soon be use for me, to keep my owner warm. Not the rain though. The spring rain bullets to the ground, falling as fast as gravity would allow. And as it hit with a loud patter, the dirt and mud would stir and start to loosen from its current position, coaxed along by streams of newly fallen rain. Most likely, around this time, I would be making preparations to spend the summer away in a closet. Today, I watch ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Eleven)

Published March 15th, 2012

My trials seem endless. The crisp clear air, on a cool, yet vibrant night, gave me the impression of a new, rather hopeful future. Yet again, I am left, alone and scared. Abandoned on a bar stool. Forgotten once more... The last of the bars lights shimmer dimly, waiting for the simple flip of a switch to extinguish their remaining breath. As I ponder the imminent darkness I start to wonder if a similar switch was flipped with this last one to hold me about her shoulders. So easily did she dance her way towards the bar doors and make her way outside, as though the very thought of me had been drown out of her mind completely. Maybe it was never there to start?

I hear a staggered click of the doors being locked by the attendent, followed shortly by immediate, invading dark. All that is left to keep me comfort are blinking neon lights from the jukebox across the bar. And it seems that even though the bar emanates an eerie silence, the music from this jukebox lives on and still unconscious ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Ten)

Published March 8th, 2012

"Red solo cup. I fill you up, let's have a party! Let's have a party!" The encouraging lyrics from Toby Keith come blaring through the loud speakers, filling the bar with a light-hearted atmosphere of drinking and merriment. This sullen, rather dingy bar, that one may have difficulty finding on such a dark night--aside from the radiating orange, green, and blue neon lights--seems to be a haven for strange wanderers, adventurous young adults, and a few locals dressed in their respective town colors. Having been cooped up in that dark and dusty closet for the past week, I was intent on finally enjoying these few moments that I knew were limited, out in the cool air. Soon, I knew, winter would be fading into spring and the need for my warmth will become less and less frequent. On approach to this ominous building however, I was starting to rethink my enjoyment. Now inside though, I start to settle in and my new owner impatiently bargains and chats with her friends, all seemingly enlighte ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Nine)

Published March 1st, 2012

An ugly sweater... Am I really comparable enough to this unappealing, dust-covered, argile ugly sweater? Comparable enough to be jammed into place, uncomfortably and quite half hazardly. In actuality, as I look around at the other out-of-date clothing, I am near the point of laughing, and manage instead to stifle a little cough. As upsetting as my situation may seem at this point, I am again, learning to take my life in strides and learning to resist the temptation to give into loathing and self-deprecation. If I were you I would even almost reach out a pointed finger and stifle the same quiet laugh towards me. The muted reds and greens are suddenly given the contrast they have been searching for, against the elegant grays of my wool and intricate tans of my fur. You are welcome rather hideous sweater. (laughing now) I mean come on, ugly sweater... Well, this new place starts to settle into my memory and it seems, for what it is worth, that for now I am content with where I am. The wor ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Eight)

Published February 23rd, 2012

There comes a time in every coats life where the realization of sole ownership becomes a conceited notion, instead of a comfortable reality. That could be just as easily skewed by naivety though. Either way, by now, it seems as though my vision of this comfort slowly starts to blur, or rather, from total blurriness, is becoming more evidently clear. And as this kind girl, with streaky blonde hair picks me up, I hesitate at the thought that once again, as my soft fleece exchanges hands, I could be stumbling my way into open arms. Arms that are wondrously tailored for my warm sleeves, woven with care and with love. I could just as easily say that I am being welcomed with a new warmth, but I now know that warmth can quickly turn cold, just as easily as it is welcomed back again. So as I enter this place of foreboding, this place of mystery and desire, I lean on the shoulder of my memories. How very alike, but how intrinsically different I feel upon this girls shoulder. I cannot express en ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Seven)

Published February 16th, 2012

How I wish I could be free from the dirt and grim and dust, that this wintery world embraces. Tossed into the clutches of filth again, I lay just at the feet of the man that I innocently became fond of. And a passion that grew too good too fast, was being now hastily ripped from me, and left with a light wisp of wind that followed him as he walked away. As his devious shadow crept around the corner after him, the bell that had been rung now left the walls inside shaking, as if to alarm everyone inside of a promising visitor. A visitor with a warm glow, and contagious smile. And if not for the circumstance, would be me.

I then was suddenly in view of an almost curious soul, who staring in both directions that the building led, looked for any sign of where I had come from. With no satisfaction she picked me up and brought me inside of what turned out to be an apartment. From the outside, inlayed with dark brick, and crumbling mortar, this building felt more like a castle... Or maybe... ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Six)

Published February 8th, 2012

Gently, but in a mild manner, he threw me on the top of his trunk. The once glistening, off-white satin surface of his vehicle, had had a dusting of salt, acquired by spending time on a traditionally adapted winter road. This salt that had been reduced to dust by endless tracks of hardened rubber gliding over it, which now stuck to my linings as I started my slide towards the pavement. Just as my imagining of landing on the cold asphalt below became actuality, he grabbed my inside loop with his slender index finger and elegantly draped me over his shoulder, like an adorned knight would drap his queens scarf. Wherever my lonesome adventure seemed to be taking me, I felt, for the first time since being lost, a sense of warmth and belonging, however short-lived it may be. And as I caressed his shoulder I imagined all of the times that she used to take me to meet men of this very same stature. She, now seeming more distant with every passing day, almost as if I had been living a dream, and ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Five)

Published February 1st, 2012

"Hey! Be careful with me! You're gonna rip my buttons off!" At first this new face was nice to see. Soft, but slightly hairy, with the look of intention and busyness. For many days I've watched as people walked intently by, attention on everything but me and my soft fleece. During my captivity in this box of lost belongings, I have had a lot of time to ponder. After all, these miscellaneous objects pose no more interest to me, than to anyone else. I mind my own attention. Come to find, I have a name. The tag underneath my hood reads, "Aeropostale." I do not know what this means, but I think I like it. Call me "Aero" for short.

Anyways, as I rehearse my newfound glory, this entity picks me up and carries me into the bright daylight. It shines with an intensity that can only be noticed after being held inside for days and days on end. Roughly, he throws me in the trunk of his car. What could this mean?...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Four)

Published January 25th, 2012

Swept off my feet, to swept in a box. That delightfully warm touch has now effortlessly deposited me in a reservoir of faded toys and belongings that will probably never belong again. I sympathize. Is this how it feels to be lonely? To be left alone and forgotten? For a moment I thought my life had changed, and had finally decided to turn a corner towards a brighter light. That first night I spent alone on that railing would never fade from my memories, and now scars over with fear. Somehow I know that this fear will never go away. It will always be with me.

And as the thought of being abandoned, once again flourish's its way through my fibers, it is the scar from that night that holds me in focus. This once foreign depiction has now forced its reality, and for that, has forced me into this lonesome mindset... Where are you?...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Three)

Published January 18th, 2012

... Eventually I worked up the courage to stifle my panic. Despite the mild weather, suggesting a rather sluggish winter, I still felt as though a cold wind had swept through me, taking with it all comforts of warmth. And even though the sun had already finished its climb to top of the sky, my naivety still churned a shade of hope. It still burned memory, and expected that she would soon remember and come to retrieve my gentle warmth.

Much to my surprise, as the afternoon started closing in, a gentle hand came upon me. So foreign was this new touch, having been grown accustomed to mine now lost, I at first knew not what to expect. In fact, if it weren't for slight differences, my eagerness would have soared with the joy that this may have been her. But alas, she, was not she. She was my new beginning. My new owner. A friend, for now...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Two)

Published January 11th, 2012

This tragic story traces back to when I first remember this feeling of abandonment. Young as I was, I was inclined already to a warm and hopeful environment, which I would give my owner the instant she put me on. You name the occasion, I was there. Through classes, occupations, parties, or the occasion brisk walk, I was her coat of choice. After all, who could deny such soft interiors, and wonderfully warm accented fur; finely fitted arms and elegant, wood-like buttons....

These days seemed endless. And it wasn't until one cool night, near the middle of November, when the air gave off the an essence of lingering summer, that I first came to know aloneness. I thought that I had been carelessly draped over that apartment railing to be once again found. But in this ignorance I found anxiety. That anxiety turned to fear. This fear grew in me until the morning rays of dawn emerged over the horizon, and I knew... I knew then, that I had been lost...

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The Coat Cronicles (Part One)

Published January 4th, 2012

... The weather is getting colder. The snow has finally decided to fall. I was wondering when that blanket of white would wrap itself across the ground. I was hoping that I could wrap myself around someone, and keep them warm. Only hope though... You see, I once had those shoulders to cling upon, and I once held a gentle warmth, that I'm sure she favored to others. That I know she still does.

Here I lay though, frozen upon a park bench. No warmth in sight, no body to caress. My journey to this point has been a difficult one, full of hope and disappointment. This story, my tale of abandonment, will not be a enlightening one, but I hope to someday find those soft shoulders again...

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