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Philip Stier

Philip Stier



When someone asks you what you do for a living, have you ever thought about the way you respond? The tone in your voice? Your excitement or disapproval of the words that spill from your mouth? For me, I know that there are no thoughts to this question. I know that I love what I do every day, especially being able to express myself, creatively. I am, and have always considered myself, an artist. Trained through college as a print and advertising designer, I now meddle mostly in digital media, spotlighting currently on website design and development. I love having the opportunity to be creative, and focus on both expressing this and building upon this, every day. My aspirations are to be a freelance illustrator, however, I enjoy any medium or media that aids me in expressing my art. During my free time, I am a self-proclaimed singer/songwriter, and music junkie.

The Coat Chronicles (Part Twenty)

Published May 24th, 2012

This scene could go straight into a horror movie... I've been thrown anxiously into a round metal compartment where the walls are lined evenly with small holes, to which their use, I am severely frightened to find out. This place is like a deep well for which I am never to escape. A deep metal well, ready to encapsulate me forever, filled with the air of soap and my now claustrophobic fear. I search desperately for an escape, or any fleeting chance of me avoiding an almost imminent fate, but as the cover of the well begins it's descent, diminishing whatever light is left, all hope escapes with. I dearly hope that I make out of this chamber, that is soon to become my torture, I'm sure. I dearly hope that you will hear from me again...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Nineteen)

Published May 17th, 2012

What am I doing chilling on this dirty chair? The worn, dark red fibers, browning from obvious years of use and abuse, definitely do not look good against my elegant fur and smooth grey's. No, I should be out traveling the world, seeing the sights, and above all else, draining whatever memory I may have that is filled with lonely abandon. These thoughts stay with me like a cancer, and I long to eradicate them forever.

I have not been able to see my partner, going on a couple weeks now. I wonder where that silky coat has gone? During the move into this new home, we were unfortunately separated--torn from each other's loving grip. Even though I know that somewhere around this quaint, suburban home, that handsome coat is hiding, waiting to be rediscovered, those cancerous thoughts creep into my brain. There is no way to divert my thoughts as the minutes pass by with a sloth, and being now alone again, there is not a lot else to think about. But no matter the loneliness, I await my coming ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Eighteen)

Published May 10th, 2012

The cool green grass, and calm, delicate breeze are just indicators of the beauty that surrounds me. On nice days as this, I actually enjoy being outside, spread out amongst the green oceans of blades, soaking in the plentiful warmth. No matter how lonely I get, I am always at peace with my tragedies, when I can escape from them to this cloud--green and heavenly. The one thing about being a coat that I've learned that one must count on, is to enjoy the small moments that you find yourself absolutely free from a rather tormented reality, because without these gasps of fresh air, we can find ourselves choking on the pollution, and the fear.

Just imagine all of the things that we would do if we were to live without fear. I have lived in the shadow of fear since that first night, abandoned on the apartment railing. But now I am seeking to live without regrets and to surpress that fear as much as possible. With the grey sleeved coat nearby, I take one more deep breath--drawing long and ha ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Seventeen)

Published May 3rd, 2012

Days start to slow down as we gently lie next to each other; limp, almost lifeless, amidst the dense, humid air. All around us--the bare, shallow carpet. Dim, yellow lights. Dusty, shaded blinds. Rough, patchy walls.--reverberate with an astounding amount of clarity. I have never known such satisfaction and belonging. I could go on and on with lyrical poetry, about how I am almost certain that being lost was part of a plan to bring me right here, next to this coat.

The items around us start to pile up with reckless abandon, and I only really take notice when the space around us becomes somewhat suffocated with other articles of clothing. My companion and I are moments away from being compressed beneath a mound of dirty underwear, when we are transplanted into the front seat of a car. The panic begins to creep, with the height of once again being taken away from the very fabric I hold onto, however, I am calmed when that grey sleeve touches mine. Wherever this next adventure leads me, ...

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The Coat Chronicles (Part Sixteen)

Published April 27th, 2012

Strange how commonalities can intertwine and become so heartfelt, and warmly passionate about each other. Such is how I feel now about that strange and shy, yet elegantly handsome coat. We lie together now on an padded, aging chair, soaking in the minutes of stale, mid-afternoon apartment air. After dreamily coming to, hanging across the chair near to me, the coat took notice of my presence and since, has been constantly awed by my perilous story. The coat still remembers the day in which he arrived in the mail. Out of a boxed, inescapable darkness, into a breath of new life and constant ownership, always to be noticed by his owner; the very hands that now held me with awkward ease. I hope one day to feel the security that this coat has. I long for it...

As the desk lamp above us burns with an unwavering, sensual light, we remain wrapped in each others warmth. My furry hood and soft linen. The coat's smooth polyester, and silky linings. If the clock stopped unwinding now, I would be i ...

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