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Paul Tortora

Paul Tortora



CT Based Photographer For Portrait, Beauty & Commercial Work

Hair Whip

Published March 30th, 2012

I was doing a photo session for a client that creates clothing by modifying garments with mosaic tile and carpeting. As part of the clothing collection, there was a bathing suit. We decided to photograph the model in the pool at the hotel she was staying in. Hotel pools can be somewhat challenging, especially when the hotel itself isn't your high end, 4 star type. When I walked in, the pool had the typical modest price hotel pool look, not many points of interest or leading lines let alone real challenges with lighting. For this shot, I moved in close, used an Ellinchrom Ranger portable 1200 watt pack, two Ranger Speed heads with a short flash duration (necessary to freeze the movement of the droplets that were air bound) and an Ellinchrom 53" Octobox as the main light and an Ellincrom Stripbox for fill. I didn't want the shot to look over lit but it was necessary to get enough light to freeze the hair and droplets of water. At first, Chelsie was whipping her head straight back ...

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