Streetlogue: A Visual Honesty

Published March 13th, 2012

My apologies for the late introduction of my personal photo catalogue. Well, here it is, done by Blurb on soft cover.

A collection of several shots taken in the various parts of Singapore as well as the streets of Hong Kong. I'm making this book for a personal motivation and a self-reflection of how much more I have to learn and experience on street photography.

Nevertheless, it's a great feeling to touch the photos you made with your own hands. So yeah, if you would like to look further into the book (or even purchase it), check out for a full preview.


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What's next?

Published January 29th, 2012

It has been more than a year since I started photography. My first camera was an entry level DSLR, shooting cityscapes and half-dead flowers by the pavements, nothing more. It was tough but my learning curve was pretty steep, all thanks to a 'dump' photo I posted somewhere for critiques and feedbacks.

Whatever harsh words, or guidance I received through that post was pretty much worth it. That was when I was about to comprehend the relation between shutter speed, aperture and ISO = exposure. I still remember, adjusting both shutter speed and aperture during one of the lonely night shooting. When I got back, I gave myself a thunderous smack on my forehead: I forgot everything about ISO.

That was back then in October 2010. Now, exposure is like a second nature. Technicals aside, I started to lose interest in photography with DSLR. Perhaps it was due to the limitation of the kit lens and the never ending competition of who has got the most gears.

I won't deny, it was pretty expensive f ...

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Going RAW

Published January 26th, 2012

During a street walk recently, I tried flipping the image format in my Ricoh GR Digital III from 'Fine JPEG' to 'RAW'. It's not my first time experiencing raw images and processing them but I was a little afraid of the lag in some digital cameras writing the image in the SD card.

Given the fast changing street elements, sometimes it pays not to have a sniper fast camera to capture the second image after the initial shot. Based on my previous experience with the Olympus EP2, it was a dragging encounter waiting for the shutter to get ready for the second shot while going RAW.

Fortunately, I took a maiden step in trying out RAW on the streets with the Ricoh. So far, I'm pretty happy with the writing time. It somehow allows me to shoot the second shot while the camera does its thing writing the first image. Though, the setback is that to shoot the third image in a split second seems like a no-no as it writes down the first two images.

Good enough? Definitely.

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Photonomics to Streetlogue

Published January 20th, 2012

You might have noticed the change in my portfolio title and yes, it's a change to streamline my approach in street photography.

It has been a great ride shooting in Hong Kong and it opens up a wider perspective on the world around.

Hope this new site will better reach the masses and fans of street photography.


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Winter Cleaning

Published December 29th, 2011

Ever since the IPA Street Photography workshop, I have been shooting pretty intensively during my off days from work. Caught some great shots, some interesting ones and of course the blah blah shots.

So in this coming few days I will be doing a little cleaning up of my portfolio from all the collections. This is to further exercise self-critic and editing on my part. I admit, it is tough to a certain extend that this is the last process from 'Observation' to 'Shooting' to 'Editing'.

If there is any thoughts or inputs from you, please do not hesitate to suggest them to me.

Do look forward for more street photography from the Photonomics in the new year to come. Last but not least, here wishing you a blast and a prosperous Happy New Year 2012!


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Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Test Shots

Published December 20th, 2011

First test roll just came back from the lab. What I'm looking for in a test shot usually revolves around the sharpness of the focused area as well as my capability in reading the exposure.

In this case, I took the Mamiya for a spin while in Port Dickson and only had my Ricoh GRD IV which I used for metering. Set the metering to Spot and took some reading from various surfaces and trying to average the suitable shutter speed/aperture.

So far, it looks good except for some shots that looked a little over exposed probably about 1 stop or 1/2 stop. Nothing that Lightroom 3 can't save but still, I'm hoping for a better estimation and reading for a suitable exposure.

Nonetheless, I have two shots that I tried averaging between the shadowed area and the bright light areas. Now I'm pretty much thinking of getting a Sekonic light meter, either the L208 or L308S which has a better function for flash metering.

Or perhaps I should just stick to my Ricoh and get some experience reading the expo ...

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What is Street Photography?

Published November 25th, 2011

It is the interaction of various elements on the streets that are captured within the split second, in a frame and never to occur again.

Capture that essence to suggest, tell a story or even strike up someone's attention.

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