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Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Test Shots

Published December 20th, 2011

First test roll just came back from the lab. What I'm looking for in a test shot usually revolves around the sharpness of the focused area as well as my capability in reading the exposure.

In this case, I took the Mamiya for a spin while in Port Dickson and only had my Ricoh GRD IV which I used for metering. Set the metering to Spot and took some reading from various surfaces and trying to average the suitable shutter speed/aperture.

So far, it looks good except for some shots that looked a little over exposed probably about 1 stop or 1/2 stop. Nothing that Lightroom 3 can't save but still, I'm hoping for a better estimation and reading for a suitable exposure.

Nonetheless, I have two shots that I tried averaging between the shadowed area and the bright light areas. Now I'm pretty much thinking of getting a Sekonic light meter, either the L208 or L308S which has a better function for flash metering.

Or perhaps I should just stick to my Ricoh and get some experience reading the exposure better?





Based on these shots, the sharpness is reasonably excellent and I guess my exposure metering is quite acceptable as well!

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