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Adrian Bautista

Adrian Bautista




Laguna Lake

Published March 10th, 2012

My morning exercise.. Hit the road with my bike and camera.

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UP Diliman Fair Concert Series

Published March 8th, 2012

Last 2010, I was able to perform on this well-known series of concerts at the premier state university in the Philippines. We were just openers, or the low profile bands performing to heighten up the momentum for the performances of some really great OPM bands. I played for two bands, a drummer on the first and bassist on the second. I was not active yet on social media and was not able to get some of my photos while I was on the stage. All I have today is the ID they have given me with my band names.

After two years, I was back on stage. This time, I am the official photographer for 3 of 5 concerts. Actually, on the third concert, I was a gatecrasher type of photographer, benefiting from my profile and contacts and past concert documentations.

Here are some of my photos from the three concerts..

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The Third Eye

Published January 30th, 2012

Yes, an extra eye. An eye located in the right side of your brain seeing only two dimensions from a limited space. An eye every photographer should have. The Power of Visualization.

As a good photographer, you always wander in different locations. Seeing different things, photographing every interesting subject, capturing every magic revealing before your very eyes. But to step up from being good to a great photographer, one's mind must wander first before your body and camera arrive. As a photographer once said, you must have an image in mind before you shoot on location or else, everything you captured is a product of mere luck. But hey, shoot everything you want, whatever interests your eyes, but the most important photo is the one you have in mind. Make it or just hope for a couple kissing in the middle of the park lit by crepuscular rays. You did not pay for a 4-hour bus ride just to get random pictures; well, pictures of what? For some reason, you are interested in something in ...

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Mood vs. Message

Published January 18th, 2012

Ever get tired looking at lomography?Film-looking photos?Flares, low contrast scenes, cross processing, light leaks, rough grains, you name it. Film is aging and soon will be covered with pixels but these pixels are mimicking its parents.

For some time now, I have been analyzing on my own those gazillions of flickr and tumblr photos which provoke certain emotions which can be easily categorized and described. Air. Float. Light. These are some of the themes they convey. These photos were made not to be criticized by its composition and technicalities. It has an overall feel to it and usually does not need to be in order. Headless girls, backlit blonde hair, floating ladies, rains, blurs, soft focus, smooth bokeh, body details, city lights, couples, meadows, overexposure. Now you get it. For some, a message is intended to be read, but most of them, they just want you to feel light and relaxed. Cool art, eh? The photographer has a mood to share.

Now we go to the "message" type of photos ...

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The Disadvantage of Wanting to be Great

Published January 12th, 2012

Since I started photography, I knew I wanted to be great. One of the best but not necessarily famous. I studied hard on my own by reading books and watching video tutorials. I forced myself to learn all the techniques and ways of seeing. Read quotes. Studied paintings. Observed movies. After two years, here I am. Fair enough to say that I am good in what I do. Just good. Just enough. And as what Zack Arias said in his Transform video, I am on my way.

But since I rushed into this place and aimed to race with the photographers around the world, I wanted to see only great ideas. Great concepts, words, stories, sceneries and light.. The rest are all mediocre. A lot of people may say it is great, but not me. Without being influenced by crab mentality, I observe and seek better options. Rather than being amazed, I stare. When they go wow, I ask how. I observe. How does a photo becomes great? I studied image analysis and psychology of art as my hobby and I learned a lot. ...

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