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Football(Soccer) ???

Published February 9th, 2012

I was excited on many levels when I moved to Ukraine. One of the things I looked forward to was to see how Ukrainians (Europeans/Russians) handled Organized Youth Soccer (Football).

Well after all this is Europe and Football is the biggest sport in the world!!!

Well, after all, this is Ukraine and they don't have Jack when it comes to Organized Youth Football. As a matter of fact, when I try to explain this concept to them all I get from anyone is the deer in the headlights look, the same look, I get when I try to talk electronics to a 5 year old non-English speaking Ukrainian wild street dog.

For you Americans who might, I say might, be reading this, you know what I mean about Organized Soccer Leagues. Hell, we got 'me in spades. I don't know any kid that hasn't served time in some sort of Soccer, excuse me, Football League. What? Are we the only country with "Soccer Moms" ??? It might just be so if Ukraine is any indication of what's going on outside of the USA.

I was prepared to take some good sports photos of dedicated Europeans playing the golden game, but alas, after two years here I have not seen ONE kid playing Football outside of some sort of High School game, and that was questionable at best.

Hence no sports photos for me. The truth is Ukrainians have more problems to deal with than pouring money into Organized Youth Sports, though it is exactly what they need. In stead they scrimp to buy food, which is a much higher priority in anyone's book. Ukraine is not a cash rich country. As a casual observer the first indication of this, is the poor Civil Service and their total lack of ANYTHING Civil related other than taking bribes to line their pockets. And secondly the lack of noticeable youth orientated activities .. other than smoking, drinking and sex.

Look at my photo on the left, notice the bulging arms the puffed out chest, the erect posture? Yeah baby BUFF!! (cough) Yeah, even I played Soccer. Loved it. Sucked at it though. Big time. I know back then that sports was not my strong suite. I found out later that nothing was!

Ah well. Thats all for today, it has been crazy cold here and lots of things to do, much of it has prevented me from using my head lately. Not that I have used it properly over most of my life...

I did upload a few new photos, and I am in the process of going through some 20,000 and making an attempt to organize them. Hopefully I will upload a few more if they are even good enough! But I am not sure if I have much better than what I have already shown.

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Sundra Tanakoh  almost 5 years ago

That BUFF photo of me has since been replace with an up to date photo. I grew up.