Photo Rescue

Published July 11th, 2012

Ok, I guess I am a mail order groom. I met Lora on a Russian dating store and I came to Ukraine and I stayed. I can't make it any simpler than that, even if there were a million other things to take into consideration. The up shot is ... I very much love it here, except for the stupid snow thing, which as you know is for other people.

Anyway, I wanna get back to that software thing I started last time I poked the keys here. Just briefly. I have combined Photoshop CS6 Extended with Lightroom 4 as my work flow. To the mix I added to both programs, though NOT necessary because only one program needs it ... Nik Software's Entire Plugin Suite: http://www.niksoftware.com

and Topaz's: Adjust 5, Simplify 3 and Star Effects at http://www.topazlabs.com

Now, I save every photo I take, for years until I am absolutely positively sure I don't need it or it has no redeeming value, to me. While I was going through my 20,000+ photos I accidentally asked LR to Import In Place and would up which a huge mess on my hands, now I have to go through each photo and delete the duplicate(s), jut prior to that I asked LR to convert all my photos that were NEF (Nikon RAW) to DNG (Digital Negative) and after the duplication process I have oh about 40,000 photos to cull out ... insert upset face here.

None the less, it forced me to go through and KEYWORD each photo, which I am still doing it will take a month I think, and in the mean time find something that I just kept for whatever reason and allow me to go back and reprocess. So when you look at SUMMER DREAMS, keep in mind that it was slated for the trash as was my last photo of the COW MAN FISHING.

So, like a light went on and I discovered that unless the photo was out of focus, I suddenly had at my disposal scads of potential pieces of art. Because as we know now, not one single photo published does not go through some digital tweaking. We now have all those tools at our disposal. My above programs and plug-in's are all we need. Man, am I glad I saved "some" of these photos!

Though I am utilizing Creative Cloud for all of the Adobe Products, I have only purchased LR4, in the end I will purchase PS Extended for sure and maybe the video packages, I think it depends on Adobe's future pricing or how I feel about the $50 a month subscription after this first year.

Cow Man Fishing

Red Summer

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