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The Fall of Autumn

Published October 21st, 2012

No photos! Look this is supposed to be a story, and truth be known everyone here tells their "stories" with photos and do a damn crappy job at it. So I will write and hope that it is somewhat better. Because every picture does NOT tell a story, and sometimes a series of photos doesn't cut it.

Well, that's me.

Hey it's Fall or Autumn or what ever you call it in your native language. It is the beginning of the year for me, not a prelude to the end of the year with old man winter nipping hard on your ass. (Jay might appreciate that).

I think Fall is the beginning of the year for me, though I was born in the spring, spring is just another time of the year and I only look forward to it because as you know SNOW is for other people. Clearly not for me.

Anyway, I like Fall because it is a more dramatic change for me visually, what was green now becomes a riot of yellow, orange, red mixed with evergreen-greens. Flowers die and let off spectacular "different" colors. Viewers of my // will know that I take photos of dead flowers. Fall is the change before the big sleep, the change with the air cooler and pleasant to breathe, still shorts and short shirt weather for me (yes, even here in Ukraine). For me it feels like a beginning like an early morning before the nap that is winter.

As a result, I seem to have made most of my life changing seasons in the Fall, times that I have remade myself over and over until I have arrived where I am today. I still make that promise to settle down and not change my life again, but Fall is the one time of the year I can not make that promise to myself, because my track record shows otherwise.

Fall is also for fresh red wine, time for the Wine Crush, time to sample new wines and taste the land we live on. Boy, I miss wine tasting in the Fall in Central California (read Plymouth Valley California) where the absolute best Zinfandels in the world are --shhhhhhh that is a secret!---- Ok, not to change the subject, but I have drank wine from all over the world and various times of the year and usually FRESH from their winery. Hands down, and I mean HANDS DOWN you CANNOT beat Plymouth California Zinfandels.

French wine ....pfft! (god everything the French do is overrated by them selves)

Italian, sadly not as available as it should be.

Chilean Australian Wines just don't travel well.

German wines....laughable

Ukrainian Wine...very very much like Gallo (trust me on this) that could be good or bad.

Wines from Georgia (the country) well, that is is a different story, some of them and damn good.

Nappa Vally??? Fucking tourist trap. Ask them if the deal with Bronco or Delicato and you will quickly learn the truth of California wines. If you don't know by now, don't ask, you will be sadly disappointed.

Hence Plymouth Valley, and if you manage to make it there and you happen to love the heavy red peppery oaken leather it is heaven on earth.

So wine for me is the Fall, and I am drinking some cheap stuff now. I can taste the change....

Fall, you can smell the change, hear the change, see the colors change, feel it and taste it in the air. Spring is soooooooo over rated. Flowers grow and always grow the same way B O R I N G.

So today is Sunday, tomorrow promises to be a good day and I will spend it with my Nikon D800, taking "snapshots" and pissing the Pros off because I am not taking sweeping landscapes or serious studio work that is worthy of a 36mp Full Frame camera...

Which brings me to this site don't need a spectacular camera to make great photos, because here on 500px the best photographers in the world are here and MANY of them don't make money at it. I didn't need the D800, but I damn sure could afford it, now all I need to do is actually use it "properly" whatever the hell that is. lol

Fall, I love it. Today is a new day!!!


p.s. Writing could be better huh?

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